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Noran to License SolidWorks for Modeling in NEi FEA

NEi Nastran

Noran Engineering has announced that it has reached a licensing agreement with SolidWorks Corporation for the use of its solid modeling engine. The solid modeling engine will underlie a CAD neutral Nastran engineering analysis and simulation software product called NEi FEA that is created specifically for individual design engineers who require Nastran based FEA. The significance of the NEi FEA software package is the pairing of an easy to use, CAD independent modeler using SolidWorks highly successful modeling engine with Nastran FEA solvers which are valued for their speed, accuracy, and industry tested solutions for structural, thermal, and dynamic engineering problems. The combination of SolidWorks and Nastran is a first in the industry and extends the market for professional level Nastran FEA software to smaller business entities and individuals.

Dave Weinberg, CEO of Noran Engineering, remarked on the agreement, “SolidWorks is well known for developing an extremely easy to use, yet powerful geometry engine. Our extension of this technology in the form of an FEA modeler and coupling it with Nastran solvers will break new ground in the industry.” Mark Driscoll, OEM business development manager for SolidWorks, offered, “We are delighted to see the innovative efforts of Noran Engineering extending our geometry technology into other sectors of the design engineering community.”


Date: July 21, 2006