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Simmetrix Releases Parallel MeshSim


Simmetrix Inc. have announced the release of Parallel MeshSim.

Parallel MeshSim provides a breakthrough technology for meshing of very large scale simulation problems based on a unique approach to meshing parallelization. Parallel MeshSim does not require the model representation to be reduced to a facet-based representation with a loss of data, but rather works directly with the GeomSim modules providing parallel mesh generation directly on geometry defined by the major geometry kernels (ACIS, Granite, Parasolid). Facet-based representations of geometry are also supported but not required.

The same API used by MeshSim in serial is used in parallel and the majority of MeshSim’s features are supported in parallel. Both surface and volume meshing may be done in parallel and all aspects of load balancing are automatically managed by the software. The resulting mesh is partitioned across processors in a manner compatible with our Parallel MeshSim Adapt product, enabling parallel, adaptive analyses.
This unique approach is well suited to large complex far field simulations such as acoustics, CFD, and electro-magnetics that require a mesh of the inverse space or surrounding volume. The mesh parallelization is independent of CAD assembly hierarchy and can be used with a single volume (e.g., flow volume) representing the space to be meshed.

“Initial results of Parallel mesh generation are truly astounding,” says Joe Walsh, VP of Business Development at Simmetrix Inc. “With a hundred million cells now being meshed in about 10 minutes, a paradigm shift for large scale analyses is inevitable.”

Parallel MeshSim is available for licensing by software vendors as part of the Simulation Modeling Suite and is supported on Linux, Sun, and Mac OS X platforms.


Date: September 22, 2006