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SoftPredict Releases COSILAB2 Combustion Software

SoftPredict, a subdivision of Rotexo GmbH & Co. KG, have released their all new combustion software COSILAB2.

The software handles arbitrarily complex gas-phase chemistry in flow simulations including combustion, exhaust gas after-treatment, and pollutant formation. It benefits from an easy-to-use graphical user-interface that handles preprocessing of thermodynamic and molecular databases, and of reaction mechanisms -- all in the most popular and internationally accepted data formats.

Further new features include extensive postprocessing options such as sensitivity and reaction pathway analysis.
A variety of different popular models for chemistry are implemented, including detailed mechanisms of elementary reactions, systematically reduced kinetic mechanisms, global one-step reaction models and the flame-sheet model for diffusion flames.

Similarly, various popular models of thermodynamics and molecular transport are implemented, ranging from detailed molecular models for thermal conductivities, dynamic viscosities and diffusion coefficients to simple constant-property models.

The models implemented for chemistry, molecular transport and thermodynamics can be overwitten by a user’s own models. To that end, the programming languages Fortran, C or C++ can be used.



Date: August 21, 2006