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Matched Meshing Now Available in Harpoon

Sharc Ltd announced today the release of new Matched Meshing software which has been included in the latest version of Harpoon.

Harpoon is extremely useful for meshing complex geometry quickly and with very little effort. One of its major strengths is that it does not require a watertight surface mesh so can cope with imperfect CAD geometry. If you have already invested the time to create a surface mesh now you can still enjoy all the benefits of a Harpoon volume mesh while retaining the initial surface mesh.

This new function is called the Matched Mesh feature and is managed by use of a Delaunay meshing algorithm to match the triangular surface mesh with the Harpoon Hex dominant volume mesh.
Matched Meshing is controlled on a per part basis giving you the ability to generate meshes, with some parts of the mesh conforming to the imported surface mesh and other parts meshed in the traditional Harpoon manner or wrapped using the Wrapping feature.

This is particularly useful where the geometry becomes dirty or control of the surface mesh distribution is not so important. Zero thickness parts (thin walls) can also be Matched and all other Harpoon features are compatible, such as the powerful boundary layer function, giving you complete control over the type of meshes that you wish to generate.

The Matching Mesh feature is another extension to Harpoon’s ever growing feature set, providing flexibility in how you approach problems with meshing.

This new Matched Meshing technology is available free of charge to existing Harpoon users. Trial versions are also available for interested parties through


Date: September 20, 2006