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Fluent Connection 1.1 Released


Fluent Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc., has announced the release of Fluent Connection 1.1 software that helps streamline the process of creating simulation models based on design data from leading computer-aided design (CAD) packages.

Integrating core CAE technologies with the most popular independent design tools has been a key part of the ANSYS strategy for nearly a decade; this latest release brings direct integration to the Fluent products as well.

The Fluent UGS NX™ Connection, Fluent Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire® Connection and Fluent SolidWorks® Connection products operate within the CAD system user environments and provide tools for checking and conditioning the 3-D geometry model in order to ensure that it has been properly prepared for the next step in the simulation process. Using Fluent Connection, CAD users can eliminate or repair geometry issues that would otherwise impede the simulation process. By providing a well-defined way to check the CAD model for possible simulation-related issues, Fluent Connection helps engineering organizations ensure a streamlined hand-off between CAD and simulation.
Typically, 3-D geometry models are created in CAD systems without full consideration for the requirements of automated and accurate simulation. Geometry models may include gaps between surfaces or overlaps and interferences that will make it more difficult to generate a high-quality simulation model. Using Fluent Connection, these issues can easily be identified and repaired. In addition, Fluent Connection takes into account the unique requirement of fluid flow simulations to include a description of the fluid volume inside or surrounding the 3-D solid model. By helping the CAD user to identify and isolate this fluid region, Fluent Connection eliminates the need for the engineering analyst to perform this task outside of the CAD system, thus saving time and effort during the simulation process.

In addition to enhanced functionality for conditioning of the geometry, Fluent Connection provides the ability to launch Fluent’s FloWizard 2.1 or GAMBIT 2.3 simulation environment directly from the CAD system. The CAD model will be automatically loaded into the Fluent environment using native readers that eliminate the need for translation of the geometry data.

The Fluent Connection software products have been built using development tools provided under the PTC Partner Advantage™ Program (Parametric Technologies Corporation — PTC® — develops Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire) and UGS and SolidWorks partnership programs.

“We are very appreciative of the support from our CAD/PLM partners under their software developer partnership programs,” notes Ferit Boysan, vice president at ANSYS, Inc. “As a leading, independent provider of computer-aided engineering software, ANSYS understands that our customer base needs outstanding connectivity to multiple design tools and PLM systems. The Fluent Connection products are part of our strategy to help customers achieve a streamlined process that facilitates simulation-based design.”


Date: September 25, 2006