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MSC Software Announces Upcoming R3 Releases of SimXpert and SimDesigner

MSC.Software have announced the upcoming R3 releases of SimXpert and SimDesigner. These two solutions are core components of the company's SimEnterprise offering that together allow analysts, designers, and suppliers to simulate more collaboratively across the extended engineering enterprise by enabling simulation methods and procedures to be captured, automated and reused across design teams.

SimXpert R3 enhances the ability for analysts to capture and automate simulation methods and procedures via templates - within a completely integrated simulation workspace environment. Once methods are captured, simulation best practices can then be disseminated across the extended enterprise. Companies can create repeatable simulation processes so analysts can now focus on other high-value product validation requirements during product development. It also creates gold standard simulation methods for suppliers and others involved in design and analysis to follow. The result is more accurate analysis across the enterprise, better use of resources, and more confidence in simulation results.

Through improved integration with SimXpert and expanded CAD platform support in SimDesigner R3, designers and suppliers working in the CAD environment gain direct access to easy-to-use simulation templates. Thus they can perform first pass analysis with higher degrees of confidence, better comprehend and use analysis results to drive smarter design decisions, innovate more by exploring more "what-if" scenarios, and expedite time to market by identifying design flaws earlier in the design process.

"SimXpert and SimDesigner are integral components of MSC.Software's SimEnterprise," said Bill Weyand, chief executive officer, MSC.Software. "Through these solutions, engineers become more efficient with simulation best practice capture and reuse, thereby saving both time and money. MSC.Software is committed to enhancing our core technology to meet customer needs and evolving the solution set to help customers increase business value and innovation by taking the path forward to enterprise simulation with SimEnterprise."


Date: June 16, 2008