ALGOR Previews V20 at Aerospace Design Expo 2006

ALGOR Previews V20 at Aerospace Design Expo 2006


ALGOR has announced that it will preview its upcoming major software release, ALGOR V20, at Aerospace Design Expo 2006, being held from November 14 – 16, 2006 in Anaheim, California. Aerospace Design Expo 2006 brings together professionals from aerospace design and development teams to meet the leading suppliers of products and solutions from design software, materials, avionics, rapid prototyping, modeling, components and other key areas.

As one of more than 180 exhibiting companies from around the world, ALGOR will preview new features of V20 including: an integrated CAD/FEA modeling environment; a software wizard for applying bolt loads; support for design studies and optimization; texture display; multipoint constraints; an industry-standard sparse solver for fluid flow, heat transfer and linear dynamic analyses; and expanded capabilities for Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) including new hyperelastic and viscoelastic material models and a reinforced (rebar) concrete element.

All ALGOR software features are available in FEMPRO, an easy-to-use single user interface that provides direct CAD/CAE data exchange and full associativity with most CAD solid modelers. This allows engineers to simply choose the analysis tools they need. ALGOR software also provides full compatibility with industry-standard NASTRAN input and output files so that NASTRAN and/or FEMAP®(a) users can benefit from ALGOR's value-added capabilities including structured and unstructured hex-dominant solid meshing and complementary analysis tools such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and MES for nonlinear, multi-body dynamics with large-scale motion, large deformation and large strain with body-to-body contact, which allows engineers to see motion and its results, such as impact, buckling and permanent deformation.

"At Aerospace Design Expo 2006, attendees will see free demonstrations of how our wide range of analysis and simulation tools can have an immediate, positive impact on their design and manufacturing process – resulting in savings of time and money," said ALGOR Product Manager Bob Williams. "Attendees will also see a sneak preview of V20, our next software release, introducing a new CAD/FEA modeling environment and featuring many other improvements for increased analysis capability, flexibility and ease of use."

Visit ALGOR at booth 5312 during the event (request a free visitor pass at ). In addition, consider attending the presentation entitled, "Simulating Real-World Behavior with Mechanical Event Simulation," by Jeff Tomson, Vice President, Pacifica Engineering, Inc. on Tuesday, November 14th at 11:20 a.m. For more detailed information, contact an ALGOR account manager or visit the "Upcoming Events" page at our web site –