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FloXpress By Flomerics Brings 3D Fluid Dynamics Simulation To All SolidWorks 2008 Users

21 November 2007, London, UK — Flomerics today announced that its FloXpress flow simulation software is fully embedded within SolidWorks® 2008 3D CAD software and is available free of charge to all SolidWorks 2008 users. FloXpress is a cut-down version of the popular COSMOSFloWorks product – also developed by Flomerics – that enables engineers and designers to simulate complex, 3D fluid flow and heat transfer processes via a simple, wizard-driven user interface inside the SolidWorks user environment.

SolidWorks 2008 delivers a host of unique features to help companies design better products more quickly. The software includes more than 250 customer-requested enhancements and significant innovations that break new ground in engineering efficiency. SolidWorks 2008 provides a new intuitive, time-saving user interface (UI) as well as impressive 3D graphics, builds on the company’s breakthrough SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT), accelerates better product design, and includes more advanced design analysis capabilities than any other CAD software.

FloXpress is a SolidWorks-embedded product that enables users to predict and optimize flow and heat transfer processes directly without ever leaving the SolidWorks environment. FloXpress uses Flomerics’ unique “CAD-to-CFD” technology to detect and mesh fluid regions (empty spaces) automatically within the SolidWorks model. There is no need for any data translation or copies, because FloXpress works inside the SolidWorks user interface and shares the SolidWorks data model.

Designers and engineers will use FloXpress and SolidWorks software together to optimize products in which fluid flow and heat transfer are important design parameters. The range of such applications is almost endless, including valves, pumps, nozzles, electronics cooling, airflow in buildings, intake/exhaust systems, hydraulic systems, heaters and coolers, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, mixing processes, contamination control and many more.

FloXpress expands on SolidWorks’ legacy of ease of use, design power, and affordability by allowing design teams to spend more time on innovation and optimization and less on CAD software operations, ultimately making their companies more successful.

“Integration between key product design applications can shave precious time off of the development process, helping engineers be more innovative and efficient,” said SolidWorks Director of Marketing and Alliances, Efrat Ravid. “Giving them access to fluid flow simulation directly within the SolidWorks environment helps them become more productive, and helps their company design better products.”

“Computational fluid dynamics has been the preserve of specialists for far too long,” said Flomerics’ Director of Marketing, Mike Reynell. “Now, for the first time, FloXpress enables all SolidWorks users to try their hand at fluid flow simulation free of charge and find out just how quick and easy it can be.”

Flomerics ( is a world-leading developer of engineering simulation software and services for analysis of fluid flow, heat transfer and electromagnetic radiation. Flomerics' business model is drastically different from traditional analysis because its software is designed to be embedded deeply into the design process and used by mainstream design engineers, not just by analysis specialists.

SolidWorks is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corporation. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.
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Date: November 21, 2007