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nCode Announces ICE-flow® 4.1 Software Suite for Test & Measurement And Product Design

nCode International, a global provider of durability based software & instrumentation solutions that help manufacturers and operators eliminate unexpected product failures, announced today the release of its ICE-flow 4.1 product family. Commercially available in June 2007, version 4.1 offers robust performance and content enhancements designed to enable customers to more easily manage, process and visualize ever increasing channel counts of data, and better assess product life.

In response to market demands, enhancements to ICE-flow’s data management component, Library, include support for multi million channel counts and intensive server-side processing. Customers are now able to more easily mine and visualize large data streams in an interactive web browser environment.

Specific enhancements to ICE-flow’s data processing component, GlyphWorks, include a new GPS display function and increased ASAM ODS database support. This new GPS capability enables customers to interact with their data and view associated GPS coordinates on maps, giving direct connectivity between data and event locations.

DesignLife, ICE-flow’s CAE fatigue and life prediction module, incorporates new seam weld and vibration fatigue prediction capabilities. These capabilities enable better product validation via improved modeling and product life prediction where welds and vibration loading are a critical design consideration, thus eliminating unexpected failures.

“With this release of ICE-flow 4.1, nCode expands its uniquely integrated, off-the-shelf software suite for robust data processing, data management and fatigue life prediction,” said Doug Roach, nCode Vice President for Marketing and Product Management. “We’re confident that the market will see this release as a significant step forward in performance,” he added.

About nCode International
nCode is a leading global provider of durability test & measurement, fleet monitoring, and product design (CAE) solutions. nCode offers a unique combination of measurement instruments, software, and services that help customers eliminate unexpected failures by measuring and converting durability, performance and operational data into information from which intelligent business decisions can be made that improve Product Life Performance (PLP) and reduce costs. Established in 1982, nCode has direct offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. For more information about nCode, please visit

nCode products include: ICE-flow GlyphWorks, Library, and DesignLife, SoMat eDAQ, and eDAQ-Lite. The nCode Logo, nCode, ICE-flow GlyphWorks, ICE-flow Library, ICE-flow DesignLife, SoMat eDAQ, and eDAQ-Lite are trademarks or registered trademarks of nCode International Corporation in the USA and/or other countries.


Date: May 8, 2007