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ESI Group announces PAM-CRASH 2G 2007

ESI Group is pleased to announce the release of PAM-CRASH 2G, the virtual testing solution for impact, crash and safety professionals.
PAM-CRASH 2G serves clients in industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics and material producers. The software also provides benefits in time-to-market and lifetime cost over traditional manufacturing techniques. It supports collaborative work between various actors involved in the simulation process.
The major evolution of PAM-CRASH 2G resides in the new methodology called Multi-Model Coupling to perform detailed simulations, which is a key point of the 2006 version. “PAM-CRASH 2G offers fast turnaround with very detailed model when we need to obtain in given areas precise geometry of the deformation, or reliable rupture prediction” explains Peter Ullrich, Impact, Crash & Safety Product Line Manager ESI Group.“ Instead of imposing a small time step to the whole structure, the software isolates the local areas with refined mesh”.
“PAM-CRASH 2G is a solution to drive business value and gain a competitive edge. We used PAM-CRASH 2G for front crash simulation with sub frame failure prediction. Its multi-scale coupling using subcycling enables the representation of locally refined models for detailed failure analysis. Computation time has been greatly decreased due to subcycling in comparison with standard PAM-CRASH 2G jobs. Moreover, code coupling enables further applications, like convenient handling for Car-To-Car crash.” confirms Dr. Greve, CAE Methods, Volkswagen Group Research.

Taking into account the transport industry's permanent concern of weight reduction, PAM-CRASH 2G proposes the modeling of advanced materials like honeycomb, super-elastic alloys, plastics or adhesive bonding. In restraint system design, PAM-CRASH 2G's unique Finite Point Method (FPM) addresses how gas flow affects airbag inflation. All these new features enhance accuracy and improve ease-of-use, which result in the most efficient solver currently available with respect to high performance computing and software quality.
The PAM-CRASH 2G environment is an advanced enterprise solution for CAE data management providing an open and interoperable framework for IMPACT, CRASH and SAFETY applications. Visual Crash for PAM (VCP), the dedicated pre-processing solution to PAM-CRASH 2G's solver, uses solver algorithms directly to save time for accuracy and consistency checks like contact interfaces or spot welds. It is extended to other areas like in manufacturing e.g. composite forming or stamping to support Simulation Based Design.
ESI Group supplies a complete compute model library to CAE engineers. This library includes crash test dummies, barriers, test devices and human models according to the current safety regulations. It helps CAE engineers to save significant time in model set-up and to design high performance cars.
PAM-CRASH 2G is available on computers running 32 and 64 bit versions of the Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. It runs as a massively parallel application on computer systems supporting this capability.

For more information, please contact either your ESI Group representative or visit


Date: February 9, 2007