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LUSAS releases Version 14


LUSAS has started releasing Version 14 of its range of finite element analysis software products that provide linear, dynamic and nonlinear solutions for engineers in the general mechanical, composites, bridge, and civil and structural engineering industries. Version 14 sees a significant improvement in the everyday usability of the software.

In this major release a new solid modelling engine provides more power and flexibility and includes Boolean operations for complex geometry modelling. A new OpenGL implementation provides for much faster graphical displays. Substantial enhancements to the selection and viewing of model features make working with large and complicated models much easier. A multi-level undo/redo facility makes modelling corrections far simpler. CAD interfacing via IGES files and automatic tetrahedral meshing is now supported and DXF interfacing has been improved. Fleshing (the true-shape visualisation of assigned geometric properties) will help users to ensure that the geometric thicknesses, eccentricities and the orientation of members are correctly defined. Datatips have been added and these show item name, position and attribute information based on mouse position without the need for prior item selection. Enhancements to the already comprehensive results processing facilities include the plotting of results for any element type without prior selection, plotting of diagrams orientated to element axes and the saving of high-resolution BMP and JPG files.


Date: December 1, 2006