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Flowmaster V7 Launched


Flowmaster Group are proud to announce the release of their next generation system simulation software, Flowmaster V7.

Designed for analysts and design engineers desktops, Flowmaster V7 is system simulation software that takes into account the complex internal flow and thermal effects within systems through the relationships of pressure drop, flow rate and temperature difference across various components. A library of standard components and suite of generic ‘building block’ components make it possible for engineers to model and simulate these systems rapidly and so validate and optimise them at the concept phase of development before any 3D data is available.

The configurable nature of this next generation product enables expert users to capture their knowledge in the software. This means that simulations can be performed safely in controlled conditions by a wider range of engineers, providing a higher quality of rapid system development. Its advanced virtual modelling system enables engineers to carry out complex simulations throughout their development process, enhancing design decisions.

“In providing frameworks to allow the powerful capabilities of system simulation to be used more readily across the enterprise we believe that there are enormous possibilities.”
said Richard Tickle, CEO of Flowmaster Group.
“The ability for expert simulation analysts to effectively transfer knowledge and tasks to designers in a controlled way will revolutionise the use of system simulation.”

Flowmaster’s new software architecture will enable organisations to integrate system simulation software within their existing CAE solutions. Flowmaster V7 offers unique integration possibilities and greater scope for collaboration across organisations and supply chains, assisting organisations to shorten product development cycles, increase productivity and maximise profits.


Date: March 7, 2007