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Phoenix Integration’s Multidisciplinary Engineering Innovations Deployed at Institute for Technological Research SystemX

Toulouse, FRANCE—October 17, 2013— Phoenix Integration, a leading provider of software for design process automation, integration, and optimization, today announced the deployment of its flagship product, PHX ModelCenter, at the Institute for Technological Research SystemX (IRT SystemX).
IRT SystemX, which aims to become a world leader in the field of digital engineering, has launched several research projects to improve design methods and the simulation of complex systems, especially in the areas of air and ground transportation.
Within the theme of Tools & Design Simulation, IRT SystemX emphasizes the quality and reliability of predictive models, the coupling between the disciplines for global optimization, and the development of decision support methods and tools for system architects.
For the purposes of process integration and multidisciplinary optimization, PHX ModelCenter allows research and development (R&D) teams to create new workflows that reduce design cycles in a collaborative environment.
Innovative technologies developed by Phoenix Integration in the fields of automation, multidisciplinary optimization, reliability, and response surface models, allow knowledge to be captured and shared among teams to meet technical challenges, which is essential to reducing costs and design time.
"The choice of PHX ModelCenter as the integration platform for multiphysics models was appropriate because this solution provides the basic technological building blocks we need to build a collaborative solution in line with the scientific objectives of the project, such as the coupling between architecture and simulations," said Mr. Paul Labrogère, Program Director Technology & Tools in the IRT SystemX.
“As an extension of our efforts to make our technologies easily accessible to academic and research institutions, we are now delighted to strengthen our involvement in IRT SystemX programs," said Laurent Chec, European Sales Director at Phoenix Integration.
PHX ModelCenter will be deployed within the IRT SystemX located on the Saclay plateau and will be available to all academic and industrial researchers involved in R&D projects of the Institute.
For more about PHX ModelCenter, visit:
About Phoenix Integration
Phoenix Integration commands a leadership position in flexible, scalable, high–performance enterprise solutions for the conceptual and preliminary stages of product design and systems analysis. Phoenix software is used worldwide to enable integration of models and simulations, process automation, results visualization and data management. Global organizations that leverage Phoenix solutions include nine of the top ten U.S. defense contractors and seven of the top ten aerospace companies. Learn more at


Date: October 17, 2013