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pSeven supports FloEFD integration and export of surrogate models to Excel

DATADVANCE company is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 6.10, the latest version of the design space exploration platform for every expertise. New release brings many useful updates, as well as usability and stability improvements.

Major updates in pSeven 6.10 include:

  • Direct integration of FloEFD simulations into workflow (watch demo:
  • Export of surrogate models to Excel, standalone executable or a DLL (watch demo:
  • Support of external screenshots from CAD/CAE or 3rd party software in post-processing, e.g. for optimization history visualization (watch demo: )
  • New examples showing Excel and FloEFD integration, workflow parallelization over a network and solving complex multi-objective robust optimization problem.

Another notable update is the support for non-Unicode files added to the general purpose integration block, and also a new text viewer tool in post-processing, which can be used to add comments, static images and advanced HTML formatting to reports.

You can also always contact DATADVANCE ( ) to receive more information about pSeven or request a 30-day demo license ( ).

About pSeven:

pSeven is a design space exploration platform that provides advanced data analysis, predictive modelling and multidisciplinary optimization mathematical algorithms packaged in an easy-to-use graphical software environment. pSeven is also an intelligent solution which allows even non-math experts with little data analysis and design optimization experience solve challenging engineering problems and discover optimal designs just in a few clicks!


DATADVANCE is an independent software vendor specialized in the development of design process automation, data analysis and multidisciplinary design optimization software. Our mission is to provide assistance to engineers in solution of challenging engineering problems by providing advanced tools based on beyond state of the art methods for data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization.


Date: January 11, 2017