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Quantifying Uncertainty in Digital Engineering for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Digital Engineering Process of an airplane

With the advancements in simulation, testing and monitoring techniques, Digital Engineering – an engineering approach which connects all aspects of a product’s lifecycle to better understand and make predictions about potential failures – is almost a reality, but it needs a powerful predictive analytics tool to quantify and manage the system’s uncertainties.

SmartUQ, the provider of the premier predictive analytics and uncertainty quantification software tool, announced their latest release that can be integrated into a digital engineering platform to quantify and manage uncertainties and reduce the computational burden of performing advanced analytics on large data sets.

With new predictive analytics, SmartUQ can handle even larger and more complex data sets than before. For very large data sets, SmartUQ’s new intelligent sampling tools can subsample or divide the data set into subsets. These features reduce the computational burden of performing advanced analytics on large data sets while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

With additional automation tools, SmartUQ can be incorporated into an engineering workflow to calibrate and validate a model, understand the robustness of the system and quantify the uncertainty of the outcomes.

Additionally, incorporating uncertainty quantification tool like SmartUQ into a digital engineering ecosystem can quantify the risk in each step of the lifecycle, resulting in significant savings of time and money, said Dr. Peter Chien, Chief Scientist at SmartUQ.

“This release puts SmartUQ at the forefront of Digital Engineering and Uncertainty Quantification,” said Dr. Chien. “With each release, SmartUQ continues our mission of solving the industry’s difficult uncertainty quantification and analytics problems.”

Digital Engineering

To learn more about the advancements in Digital Engineering analytics, check out SmartUQ’s August 23 webinar on “Uncertainty Quantification and Management in Digital Engineering” presented by Dr. Ed Kraft, a renowned expert in Digital Engineering formally for the United States Air Force. 
Register for the webinar here:

About SmartUQ

SmartUQ is an engineering analytics software company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Its software utilizes breakthrough analytics techniques to rapidly quantify all forms of uncertainties. SmartUQ analytics tools accelerate design cycles by reducing design iterations, improving design robustness and maximizing insight of complex systems.
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Date: August 16, 2017