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REDWAY3D Releases REDsdk4.1

REDWAY3DREDsdk, REDWAY3D’s commercially proven next generation graphics technology now adding “realistic material” with light conservation as well as Windows 10 support. 

Paris, France – November 3, 2014. REDWAY3D, the leader in advanced graphics technology, is pleased to announce the release of REDsdk 4.1. REDsdk is a C++ library dedicated to extremely fast, high quality image visualization. REDsdk 4.1 is a major step forward expanding the capabilities of REDsdk with expanded import capabilities, introduction of next generation on-line documentation, and addition of “realistic material” with light conservation as well as e Windows 10 support.


Addition of “realistic material” with conservation of the light energy.

To produce realistic images and animations more easily, REDsdk 4.1
introduces "realistic material". This material ensures the conservation of the light energy between the light transmitted, reflected and absorbed ... as in reality! Combined to the tone-mapping and physical lighting features, this material definitely avoids unrealistic bright or dark images and animation. 

Windows 10 ready!

REDsdk 4.1 adds support of Windows 10.  REDsdk 4.1 runs on any Windows version from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 with native 32bit and 64bit support, as well as Linux 32 and 64bit and MacOS X 64bit.

Import expanded to support FBX, OBJ, DAE and DXF file formats

REDsdk 4.1 enables the direct import and export of the FBX, OBJ, DAE and DXF file
formats. This feature opens the integration of many models which will
complement yours to increase the level of realism of any real-time or photo-realistic scene. Wondering if REDsdk is right for you? Direct import of external models allows very quick evaluation of the unmatched REDsdk graphics performance. 

Next generation on-line documentation reduces the integration time of REDsdk  and boosts productivity

Next generation REDsdk documentation system uses an innovative paradigm based on books, workflows and tasks for a breakdown of any programming problem. This approach makes the integration of the REDsdk graphics library into your application much easier and faster.

REDsdk is a C++ programming toolkit dedicated to image visualization. It covers all the graphics features for real-time 2D, real-time 3D and photo-realistic rendering using a single integrated API. REDsdk is highly customizable, flexible and adapts itself to all operating platforms, thanks to its unique hybrid rendering technology that can run either using graphics hardware or in full software mode. The REDsdk integrated API also provides an ability to support high speed browser based visualization allowing real-time visualization of millions of facets on any mobile or other remote device.

About redway3D

REDWAY3D is a leading provider of graphics technology for 2D and 3D rendering. REDWAY3D developed and patented an integrated 2D and 3D engine covering the complete spectrum of rendering needs from real time to high quality photorealistic rendering. REDWAY3D was founded in 2004 with the mission to push software rendering quality and performance to new levels of excellence. REDWAY3D customers are 2D and 3D software programmers from the CAD/CAM, AEC, configuration & design, digital imaging and simulation markets. REDWAY3D is based in Paris, France. 

For more information, visit the REDWAY3D web site at


Date: November 3, 2015