SimpaTec announces release of Moldex3D 2020

SimpaTec announces release of Moldex3D 2020

SimpaTec GmbH, Aachen, Germany, a leading engineering and software company for the development and optimisation of processes, components and tools, reports that the latest version of Moldex3D injection moulding simulation software, named Moldex3D 2020, has been released.

The company, a Moldex3D accredited distributor, states that with this release, CoreTech System Co., Ltd., Taiwan, the developers of Moldex3D, maintains its position as a leading software solutions provider for the simulation and optimisation of the injection moulding process.

The incorporated innovations are said to based on customers’ needs in order to help conduct moulding analyses in a faster and more convenient manner. Thus, more comprehensive, in-depth and detailed simulation options have been developed in this latest release. Moldex3D 2020 reportedly also makes it easier to identify and evaluate potential sources of error in the process, tool or component, and to implement a design that is optimal in terms of cost and quality.

According to SimapTec, one of the goals with Moldex3D 2020 was to keep pushing the boundaries to further develop committed simulation capabilities and to improve and optimise Moldex3D’s solver to reach faster calculation times. This has reportedly been achieved by refining the solver architecture of the software, which has resulted in an improved computational performance resulting is a time saving of 20%.

In addition, many new geometry and mesh repairing tools have been added to allow users to process related problems in a more convenient and faster manner, improving the speed of design changes.

Industries are facing more severe challenges due to the rapidly changing market demands and the impact of the current global trade situation, explains SimpaTec. Moldex3D provides comprehensive advanced processes to enable users to be more competitive in product innovation and development.

“With Moldex3D 2020, the development and production of components is considerably simplified,” commented Steffen Paul, Managing Director and Product Manager at SimpaTec. “The new version sets a milestone which literally goes ‘beyond simulation’. The dispatch to our users is primarily completed. We are extremely pleased about the first initial reactions, which show us that not only the name giving conveys something fundamentally new, but that Moldex3D 2020 delivers exactly what it promises.”