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Free Seminar: Accurate In-situ Load Measurement; Introduction to fe-safe/True-Load

Safe Technology has partnered with Wolf Star Technologies, experts in loading calculation and FEA model correlation, to provide a unique and advanced solution for accurate in-situ load measurement.
The accuracy of fatigue predictions is directly related to the accuracy of the loading profile. Uncorrelated loading profiles will lead to incorrect fatigue calculations. Even small errors in loading knowledge can lead to large errors in fatigue life prediction because of the log-log nature of fatigue life models.

FREE Half Day Seminar
Location : MIRA, Watling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0TU, UK
Date: Wednesday 11 July
Time: 1.30pm – 4.00pm
Presenter: Tim Hunter, CEO Wolf Star Technologies
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Historically, predicting fatigue life has been challenging because even simple structures undergo complex loading. Many engineering organizations rely on historical data or multi-body dynamics models for loading profiles, often without correlation to the FEA model. With fe-safe/True-Load the unknowns in loading are eliminated. The FEA strains will match the measured strains with unprecedented accuracy. fe-safe/True-Load offers unparalleled in-situ load calculation with typical strain gauge correlation to within 2% of measured values!
fe-safe/True-Load™ is of benefit to those who know very little about their loadings but want to perform fatigue life calculations as well as those who already run advanced testing programs but want to improve their efficiency and reduce testing costs.
Seminar Agenda:
Safe Technology overview
Introduction to how True-Load supports product development
Theoretical basis for True-Load
Case Studies
Application to proving ground loads
Analytical exploration of motor mount loading
Video: True-Load/Pre-Test (Virtual gauge placement)
True-Load/Post-Test (Loads from strain time histories)

Learn about the unique features of Wolf Star Technologies’ True-Load™ interface:
Transform any structure into its own load transducer
Create reconstructed loads with remarkable accuracy
FEA strains typically within 2% of measured values
Use loading events for easy, interactive post-processing in Abaqus/CAE

About True-Load:
Partner product available to fe-safe® customers
Direct interface to fe-safe® for scale-and-combine events
Integrated into Abaqus/CAE with no FEA translation required
Only commercial software of its kind in the industry

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Date: June 26, 2012