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Usability and appearance improvements, updated integration blocks, support of high-degree parallelization and other in pSeven 6.13 release

pSeven white background view mode

DATADVANCE development team announces the availability of new release of the platform for data analysis and optimization - pSeven 6.13.

A new version of the product will enable our users to leverage the resources of multi-core systems more efficiently. Apart from refreshing the overall look and feel of the platform, we've come up with many enhancements in Edit and Analyze screen, introduced new block features that extend the existing functionality and deployed updates for usability and performance.

Appearance and Usability

This version brings a fresh take on the visual style user experience of pSeven. It contains increased font size on GUI, boosted GUI responsiveness, easy switching to fullscreen mode and white background view mode.

Workflow Enhancements

In this update, we rolled out various convenience features in Edit screen so that our users can do routine tasks faster and easier.
  • Redesigned the Block library pane
  • Changed block grouping and added new tags
  • Added ability to set colors for Composite blocks in a workflow and the ability to open block configuration from Run screen by double-clicking a block and other improvements.

Block Updates

We also tackled some issues to ensure higher performance and stability of the Design of experiments block. We introduced a new option to include the initial input sample into the final generated DoE and implemented other handy features.
pSeven 6.13 delivers enhanced integration capabilities. We focused on refining and extending the existing functionality of some CAD/CAE integration blocks to take customer experience with the platform a step further. Some of the noteworthy changes include:
  • Excel block can now read values of variables from disjoint selections and write data from a single variable to such a selection. 
  • ANSYS Workbench block is capable of processing batches of input parameters which means it supports parallel calculations. 
  • Support of the Formula and Table dependency types for initial data and boundary conditions is added in the FloEFD block. 
  • CAD blocks: We simplified configuring and testing the simulation models represented by the Composite block with nested CAD integration blocks.

Analyze Enhancements

pSeven 6.13 comes with some notable improvements to various tools in the Analyze screen, such as:
  • Support for multiple datasets in the Parallel coordinates plot. 
  • Command to extract a training sample data from an approximation model to a report database so this data can be used with other analysis tools.
  • Improved support for high-dimensional models in the Model Explorer.
  • Support of categorical variables in the Model Explorer.

Other enhancements of this version relate to better usability and performance of the platform and updates to examples and user manual.
We also resolved a number of issues and bugs to improve overall customer experience with the product. 

For a detailed list of updates, please visit our website


Date: May 25, 2018