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Memorandum of Understanding between LOTAR and NAFEMS 

LOTAR International’s Engineering Analysis and Simulation Working Group and NAFEMS have issued a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in assisting CAE vendors to accelerate the development and implementation of the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (ISO 10303), usually referred to as STEP, and to capture engineering analyses for long term archiving and retrieval (LOTAR).

Initial efforts will focus on fostering the development of interfaces for the ISO STEP AP209 edition 2 “Multidisciplinary analysis and design” standard.

About LOTAR  (LOng Term Archiving and Retrieval)

The objective of LOTAR International is to develop, test, publish and maintain standards for long-term archiving (LTA) of digital data, such as 3D CAD and PDM data.  

LOTAR International is a project being conducted by leading OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace and defense industry under the joint auspices of ASD-STAN, AIA, PDES Inc. and the ProSTEP iViP Association.