Multiphysics Journal Volume 3 - Call for Contributions

The NAFEMS Journal of Multiphysics Case Studies - Volume 3 

Call for Contributions

The Multiphysics journal editorial board are currently securing content for the 3rd volume of the journal. Given the number of similar publications already in print, why yet another journal? Increasingly, engineers and simulation specialists in the industry are being asked to perform multiphysics simulations. The trend is partly fuelled by the increasing demand for more accurate simulation results of increasingly complex and optimized products, and partly by improved multiphysics capabilities of modern software tools. Unfortunately, just having access to software does not enable engineers to successfully perform multiphysics simulations.

One problem is that most of us have left university with only one engineering degree. We might be perfectly comfortable in the field of structural mechanics, but feel less confident when asked to perform a coupled electromagnetic-thermal analysis, including induced currents in ferromagnetic materials, conjugate heat transfer with turbulence, or heat transfer by radiation. Since it is impossible to become an expert in all fields of engineering simulations, more efficient means of acquiring the required knowledge are necessary. Additionally, navigating the landscape of technologies to study multiphysics phenomena can be daunting for young analysts.

Hence, we hope that this journal will serve as both an inspiration and a source of knowledge for practitioners of multiphysics simulations in the field.

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