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Training Your Engineering Designers to Use Simulation

Current Overview of Simulation Technology, an article

In a recent article from, Shawn Wasserman detailed the benefits of CAE Technology for Engineering Managers.

There are a number of important trends that are changing the way design teams use CAE:

  • Simulating complex products early in development cycles with MBSE
  • CAE vendors are democratizing simulation with tools like apps and templates
  • The upfront cost of simulation is reduced, thanks to the cloud and alternative licensing
  • The use of topology optimization to reduce the weight of a product
  • The rise of vendor-agnostic organizations pushing for change in the CAE industry
  • More engineers in development teams require simulation training

For the past 33 years,  that NAFEMS has been involved in creating awareness for the latest innovation in Simulation Technology and delivering appropriate education and training.

At NAFEMS, we’re happy to read that the events, books and courses we produce each year have played a key role in training and professional development in the simulation community. 

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