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Polygonica exhibits at NAFEMS World Congress for the first time

Polygonica exhibits at NAFEMS World Congress for the first time

Polygonica, the leading polygon-modelling software toolkit from MachineWorks Ltd, will be exhibited at NAFEMS World Congress this June 17th–20th on booth SDM2.

Offering a range of advanced mesh operations suitable for CAE pre and post-processing, Polygonica is embedded into leading CAE-software systems such as ANSYS Discovery, ANSYS Spaceclaim, CONVERGE Studio and Synopsys Simpleware.

Polygonica shares its heritage with the widely used MachineWorks CNC Simulation technology. Now in its 25th year, MachineWorks is licensed by seven of the top ten CAM software vendors as cited by CIMdata. MachineWorks Ltd, already known for high levels of quality, performance and customer support, are bringing with Polygonica the same levels of innovation to a wider range of polygon modelling applications including Additive Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering. 

Attendees at NWC will be able to see demonstrations of some of the key features of Polygonica including:

  • automatic mesh healing
  • feature recognition and feature-based defeaturing
  • mesh quality refinement, coarsening and decimation
  • Booleans and fuzzy Booleans (gluing)
  • isotropic and anisotropic offsetting
  • post-processing using fairing and smoothing

What’s different about Polygonica?

Polygonica is a software development toolkit (SDK) delivered as a set of software libraries to be embedded into customers’ products. The engines and algorithms in Polygonica allow software OEMs to concentrate their focus more closely on the needs of their customers and to rapidly bring to market new, unique and competitive solutions.

Along with Windows, Linux and Mac desktops Polygonica can be deployed on public or on-premise clouds offering large manufacturers the opportunity to better automate and customise workflows, tailoring operations to the specific requirements of that business and reducing time-consuming manual operations.

Polygonica is the de-facto standard for automatic mesh-healing within the Additive Manufacturing industry with reference integrations including 3D Systems 3DXpert and 3DSprint, 3D Systems Cimatron/E, ANSYS Discovery Live and Spaceclaim, Desktop Metal Fabricate, Live Parts and Fab Flow, Renishaw ADEPT, Renishaw Dental Manufacturing System and Stratasys GrabCAD Print.

Additive Manufacturing and CAE vendors are increasingly using advanced polygon modelling capabilities. At the NAFEMS Conference, you can hear more from Richard Baxter, Sales Manager of Polygonica on Wednesday, the 19th at 14.05: