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Forum for Applied MechanicsTerms of Reference




Throughout the UK there are a large number of organisations involved in applied mechanics and related activities. The organisations are usually based within a single country and organise events that attract members from within their own country. These events would be of interest to the wider applied mechanics community. It would be difficult for active researchers to join all organisations with that cover their interests mainly due to escalating membership costs. Therefore this is a proposal to set up a new forum that will ensure that members of all participating organisations are aware of events and are offered a discount on attendance these events. The proposed name of the Forum is the Forum for Applied Mechanics (FAM).  


  1. The main objective of the Forum is to be the focus of all applied mechanics dissemination activities in the UK.
  2. FAM will be a route for liaison with the international community.
  3. FAM will be a coordinated route for publicity for all events organised in the applied mechanics area in the UK.
  4. The Forum will also act as a conduit for co-sponsorship and co-ordination of the events amongst member Groups and Societies. 
  5. The Forum will establish and maintain efficient communications via a website and/or other means if appropriate.
  6. The Forum will make arrangements with member Societies and Groups so that efficient access to contacts lists held within other groups can be established so that events are advertised to the widest audience.
  7. FAM will organise a major international conference supported by all the member organisations.

Mode of operation

  1. Relevant organisations from can join FAM and nominate one representative.
  2. FAM is supported by the member organisations, who pay a nominal annual subscription to support the administration of FAM. 
  3. FAM should meet at least once per year with representatives’ attendance funded by their host organisation or other non-FAM source.
  4. FAM sub committees may be necessary to cover special interest topics.
  5. Normally FAM representatives will serve on the committee for a 4-year duration.
  6. FAM shall have a chairman and vice chairman rotating on 2-year cycles.
  7. The chairman is elected from the members of the FAM committee and on election becomes independent and a new representative will be required from his/her Society/Group.
  8. Funds will be administered via an FAM affiliated organisation.
  9. FAM funds will be used to support the web site and the chairman’s travelling and incidental expenses.
  10. The FAM committee will decide on the UK representative to EURASEM. Each representative will have one vote.
  11. The Forum will have a logo that will appear on all conferences/events endorsed by FAM.

Forum Members


British Society for Strain Management

Engineering Integrity Society  

Institute of Physics - Applied Mechanics Group


British Gear Association