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Papers & Articles

This section of the website will be updated frequently to include relevant papers and articles. Where possible, we have made the papers available for download, but where this has not been possible, a link has been provided to provide further information.

If there are papers or articles you feel would be suitable for inclusion in this section, please contact us , and we will try to include suggestions on this page.

Simulation-Supported Decision Making (Stochastics) Webinar

Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS North America                                               Gene Allen, MSC.Software

The majority of engineering knowledge is learned from experience in testing and operations. However, learning from prototype testing and operational accidents/problems is both costly, time consuming, and risky...(full abstract )

The Business Benefits of Simulation

Tom Curry, LMS.

Published in BENCHmark Magazine, October 2003 as an edited extract from the original paper, which was presented at the NAFEMS World Congress 2003 in Orlando.

Enlightened Experimentation: The New Imperative for Innovation

Stefan Thomke,
Harvard Business Review, February 2001

MITSUBISHI Motors–Virtual Prototype Simulation

LMS News, October 2005

How to Manage Finite Element Analysis in the Design Process

Vince Adams,

Why Simulation Should Drive Product Development

Dr. J. Lemon
International TechneGroup Incorporated