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4th Annual FENet Industry Meeting & AGM - "Materials Modelling"

The theme of the meeting was “materials modelling” or more specifically “How to categorise and analyse real material behaviour”. All industry sectors represented in FENET have identified this as an area of topical importance. It embraces a wide set of issues including constitutive modelling, data requirements, testing & test data processing, scale effects, data provenance, validation/qualification, Q.A. materials data bases, etc.

The meeting provided the opportunity for participants to share their experiences of how they are tackling these issues and to learn what is being done in various industry sectors, with 20 presentations illustrating the “state-of practice“ in each of the eight industry sectors represented by the FENET Thematic Network.

There was also a break out session when industry coordinators led an interactive discussion addressing simulation issues and overall technology requirements in their sectors.

Lisbon, Portugal

2nd - 3rd December 2004


Presentations for Download

Modeling and Simulation of Aircraft Structures - Stiffness, Damage, and Failure Prediction for Laminated Composites
Heinz E. Pettermann, C. Schuecker, D. H. Pahr, F. G. Rammerstorfer (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

Fracture Behaviour of an Aluminium Laser Weld: A Numerical Study
Patricia Nègre, Dirk Steglich (GKSS Research Center, Germany)

Challenges in Retrieving Useable Design Data from Basic Material Tests
Per Ekedahl (Volvo Aero Corporation, Sweden)

Stress Strain Modification
Vijay Sharan (SonyEricsson Mobile Communications AB, Sweden)

An Innovative Approach: Product / Process Development through Complete Virtual Assessment
Giuseppe Cupitò, Sandrine Sereni, Diego Trabucco (CRF tecnologie, Italy); Mario Durando (CRF Motori, Italy)

Multi-physics Analysis of Structure/Water Impacts
Caroline M. Seddon, Moji Moatamedi (University of Salford, United Kingdom)

Automotive - SimDesigner Packaging and Durability Process Presentation
Olivier Tabaste (MSC.Software, France)

Characterization and Measurement of Poro-Elastic Material Properties for Acoustic FE Simulation of Automotive Trim Panels
Peter Segaert (LMS International, Belgium)

Materials Modelling in Dynamic (Acoustic) Simulations: Measurement and Simulation Models with a Special Emphasis on Damping
Alfred J. Svobodnik (NAD - Numerical Analysis and Design GmbH & Co KG, Austria)

Material Modelling and Uncertainties
Ane de Boer (Bouwdienst RWS, The Netherlands)

Modelling the Time Dependant Swelling Phenomenon of Soils within a Viscous Continuum Mechanics Framework
Holger Heidkamp, Casimir Katz (Sofistik AG, Germany)

Constitutive Modelling of Sea Ice
Geir Horrigmoe, B. Sand (Norut Technology, Norway)

The Influence of Phase Transformations on Residual Stress Induced By Welding Process
Paolo Ferro, F. Bonollo, A. Tiziani (University of Padova, Italy)

On the Problems of Modelling Material Failure
G. S. Kalsi (AWE Plc, United Kingdom)

Using/Obtaining Material Properties for Advanced FE Analysis
Frans Peeters (Abaqus Europe BV, The Netherlands)

Influence of the Grainstructure on the Dimensioning of Micro Components
Albert Albers, Daniel Metz (University of Karlsruhe - IPEK, Germany)

Modelling of Damage in Composites: Application to Joints
Philippe Bastid, R. S. Court (TWI Ltd, United Kingdom)

Fire Accident Performance of Waste Packages
Gordon Turner (Nirex Ltd, United Kingdom)

Implications of Header Design and Materials Data for Replacement and Flexible Operation Analysis
Colin Michael Wignall (E.ON, United Kingdom)

How to Extract more Information from a Basic Tensile Test with the Aid of FEA
Marc Juwet, Dimitri Debruyne (Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven, Belgium)


Industry Summaries

Consumer Goods

Land Transport & Aerospace  

Power & Pressure

Process & Manufacturing