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2nd Annual FENet Industry Meeting and AGM - Integration of Engineering Analysis into the Business Process

The 2nd FENET Annual Industry Meeting & AGM was held in the Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni in Prague, Czech Republic, (11th) 12th - 13th Dec. 2002.

An accompanying workshop titled "Proposals for the EC Framework VI Programme“ has been held on 11th December also in the Hotel Don Giovanni. 58 people attended this inspiring workshop which was chaired by Prof. Mark Cross, University of Greenwich.

The 2nd FENET Annual Industry Meeting & AGM with the topic "Integration of Engineering Analysis into the Business Process“ attracted 93 attendees. A software exhibition was shown in the foyer of the conference rooms. 19  presentations were held In plenary sessions. In addition, interactive workshops addressed background issues and business drivers in each industry sector.

During the AGM (Annual General Meeting) a formal report was presented on the progress of the FENet project, including FENet objectives, achievements in the first year, contractual / membership issues, and planned changes for subsequent years.

Prague, Czech Republic
December 2002

Presentations for Download

Session 1: Chairmen: David Fitzsimmons (Airbus Deutschland GmbH); Hans-Peter de Koning (ESA-ESTEC)

Strive for Increased Reliability in FE Prediction Methods
Per Ekedahl (Volvo Aero Corp. - Sweden)

Process and Data Standardization as Integration Backbone for Aircraft Simulations
Manfred Harms (Airbus Deutschland GmbH - Germany)

SALOME: CAD/FE Integration Platform, the Open Source Project - Main SALOME and Open Source Benefits for the Industry
Michel Rochon (Open Cascade - EADS Matra Datavision - France)

STEP Developments (AP 209 Structural Analysis, AP 237 Fluid Dynamics and AP 235 Materials Information for Design and Validation) and Complementary
David Leal (Caesar Systems Ltd. - United Kingdom)


Session 2: Chairmen: Stefano Odorizzi (Engin Soft Trading s.r.l.); Niels Dam Lerke (Nokia Danmark A/S)

More Effective Use Of Analysis Through Broader Access
Dan Grose, Tim Fox (Femsys Ltd. - United Kingdom)

Implementing Best Practice for CAE - Visible Engineering Workflows Drive Business Decisions
Petter Sahlin (EASi Engineering GmbH - Germany)

FE Model Updating - Simultaneous Updating of FE Model for Different Configurations of the same Structure
Eddy Dascotte (Dynamic Design Solutions - Belgium)

Modelling the Vibration Behaviour of Galvanized Assemblies; Application to Engine Cradles
Pascal Lardeur (Renault / University of Compiègne), J. M. Duffal, J. Hettinger (Gist) - Renault;C. Liénard, F. Jourda, L. Taupin, S. Joly (Medysys) - Auto Chassis International - France


Session 3: Chairmen: Gerd-Jan Schreppers (TNO-BOUW); David Ellis (IDAC Ltd)

Virtual prototyping for Strength and Durability Assessment using Fedem
Jens Lien, Svein Gjolmesli (Fedem Technology - Norway)

Integration of Advanced ABAQUS Analysis in the Design Process
Frans J. H. Peeters (Abaqus Europe b.v. - The Netherlands)

Samcef Field, an Integrated Environment for CAE Analysis
Eric Marechal (Samtech S. A. - Belgium)

Reliability and Virtual Testing of Civil Engineering Structures
Radomir Pukl, Vladimir Cervenka (Cervenka Consulting - Czech Republic)


Session 4: Chairmen: Yasar Deger (Sulzer Markets & Technology AG); Gerrit-Jan Dop (SKF)

Integration of Multi Physics Analyses into an Industrial Development Environment
Alfred Svobodnik (NAD GmbH & Co. KG - Austria)

Emerging Uses of Computational Engineering in the Public Interest
Moris Habip (Consultant - Germany)

FEA of a Spinal Implant, Human Intervertebral Discs and the Human Lumbar Spine
Robert Eberlein (Sulzer Innotec, Sulzer Markets & Technology AG - Switzerland)


Session 5: Chairmen: Nawal Prinja (NNC Ltd); Geir Horrigmoe (NORUT Technology Ltd)

Integrating CAE Concepts with CAD Geometry
Cecil Armstrong (University of Belfast - United Kingdom)

CATIA - ANSYS, Perhaps someday the Twain Shall Meet
Jack Reijmers (Nevesbu b. v. - The Netherlands)

The Overall Theme of "Integration into the Business Process"
Colin McCulloch (LMS International - Belgium)

Necessities and Obstacles for Introducing Sofisticated Numerical Analysis into Civil Engineering and Geomechanics
Johannes Will (Dynardo GmbH / CAD-FEM GmbH - Germany)