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Simulation 20/20: The Next 5 Years

The Business, Technological, and Human Enablers Driving Change Over the Next Five Years

In 2008, NAFEMS Americas held a regional conference with the theme of a "2020 Vision of Engineering Analysis and Simulation." The objective of this event was to bring together the leading visionaries, developers, and practitioners of CAE-related technologies and business processes to share relevant trends and roadmaps, to explore common themes, and to address these issues in an open forum. The goal of this effort was to provide attendees with the best “food for thought and action” to support the industry's evolution over the next several years. 

In the seven years that followed, we have witnessed significant advancements in the area of engineering analysis and simulation, the potential of which are not often realized due to a variety of factors, including accessibility, usability, confidence, and financial. However, we are still left with many of the same questions: 

What is the future for engineering analysis and simulation?

What factors are constraining growth potential? 

How can we realize its full potential?

Where will it lead us in the next decade?

To help address these questions, NAFEMS Americas is partnering with a number of industry thought leaders and end-users companies to host a year-long program of webinars focused on three major topic areas, each with additional key sub-topics:


 Simulation  Governance

 Business  Challenges

  • Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Next-Generation Computing Architectures

  • Verification & Validation 
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Risk Management
  • Simulation Deployment

  • ROI
  • Licensing Models
  • Communication
  • Influence of SMEs
  • Vendor & End-User Collaboration

We encourage you to register and attend each of the webinars in the series. To do so, please click on one of the topics above or see the list of upcoming sessions on the right. 

Introduction to the "20/20" Series

We have provided the introductory webinars from each of the three segments referenced above. If you are a NAFEMS member, login to this website and click on any of the topics listed to the right for access to the complete list of NAFEMS webinars. 



Democratizing CAE


Simulation Governance: Managing Simulation as a Strategic Capability


Business Challenges:  The Changing Role of Simulation Brings New Business Challenges