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Composites Training

NAFEMS currently offers an e-learning course related to composites. The e-learning course runs over a four week period with a single two hour session per week. The following topics are covered:

Session 1

  • Finite Element Analysis Overview
  • FEA Basic Principals
  • Introduction to composite systems
  • Strength and Stiffness of plies
  • Comparison with published data or test results
  • 2D shell stress strain relationship - Classical Laminate Theory
  • Ply angle effect
  • Simulation of single ply using FEA
  • Sandwich structures and failure modes
  • Workshops

Session 2

  • Multi ply layups – evaluation of stiffness
  • A B D matrix terms and their importance in design and analysis
  • Interlaminar shear stresses
  • FEA model simulations of varying layups
  • Symmetric and balanced layups
  • Special types of Layup
  • Failure criteria
  • Handling large amounts of output data
  • Strength assessment
  • Workshops

Session 3

  • Practical composite modeling
  • Inner or outer mold line considerations
  • Ply drop off, draping effects
  • Edge effects and stress raisers such as holes
  • Plane stress modeling
  • 3D element background and application
  • Workshops

Session 4

  • More 3d situations, delamination effects
  • Comparison of 2D shell and solid element solutions
  • Advanced failure methods
  • Progressive ply failure methods
  • Virtual Crack Closure methods in delamination
  • Workshops

Further details can be found at e-learning.