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Uncertainty Quantification Challenge Problem Using Stochastics

NAFEMS Stochastics Working Group is working to continue to educate and promote the stochastic methods in the engineering analysis and simulation community world-wide. To that end, NAFEMS is reaching out to the industry and academia on this topic to participate in an Uncertainty Quantification Challenge Problem using Stochastics. The request is going to government, industrial, and educational institutions in the hopes of sharing and showcasing different approaches to uncertainty quantification (UQ).

We would like to invite you and your company/institution to participate in this effort to solve the challenge problems. In turn, this activity will help to increase the awareness of you and your company/institution as an industry leader on the topic. In addition, final submissions of the challenge problem and solutions can be submitted for publication to NAFEMS, as well as be presented at future NAFEMS annual conferences. The challenge problem involves a simple electrical circuit model. The model is provided as a design in SABER software by Synposys along with corresponding mathematical equations. A demo version of SABER is free here and the model is available on the Synopsys Open Community Forum (link TBD). However, SABER is not required, the schematic and all equations are documented, and users can use their own calculations or any software to solve the challenge problem. The output response is sensitive to the model parameters that have different cases of value of information. The objective is to assess the reliability of the device based on a set of criteria and also to quantify the value of information. Methods are not judged and this is not a competition to find the true solution.

The intent is that the overall UQ Challenge Problem activity will span over a period of 5 months to complete challenge problem development, response submission time, and review and presentations of the solutions. We are targeting participation to be virtually based, with optional attendance at the yearly conference for any follow-up presentations. (Presentations can also be made virtually.) We would you to consider your level of participation to make this activity a success.

Please contact NAFEMS SWG Group (see below) to discuss any questions you might have. We will be setting up an open conference call for questions and discussion for potential participants on a near future date and hope you can join us. 

We request that you register to participate using the form on the right.

Alexander Karl

Download the Challenge Problem

Stochastics Challenge Problem 

* Revised document with capacitance values in microfarad (µF) instead of millifarad (mF)

Challenge Problem Launch at NWC13



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Recipients will be chosen randomly by the SWG from acceptable responses

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