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It's the last simulation news of the year!

E-lementary - 004

December 22nd 2015

By the NAFEMS Team

With E-lementary, the NAFEMS team aimed to create a digest of articles about the latest in Simulation Analysis Community that could be of interest to engineers, managers and others in keeping up-to-date with the industry.

If you read an article that you think should be added, please feel free to get in touch with us

Designing parts and molds using reinforced materials just got easier and faster

Moldex 3D

A MSC Software company, e-Xstream engineering's new technology has introduced Digimat-RP/Moldex3D (an OEM version of Moldex3D embedded in Digimat-RP) that provides structural engineers using computer aided engineering (CAE) software with easy fiber-orientation estimation.

Learn more about the new technology:

Moldex3D Digimat-RP acts as an enhanced link between injection molding process and FEA structural simulations

‘New limit’ on how much power can be exchanged in the heat-transfer process

MIT researchers derived a formula that can determine the maximum heat transfer between two objects that are less than eight microns(10-6 m) apart, even on the nanoscale. MIT reports that as long as the material of the objects and the distance between them is known, the formula can calculate the maximum heat that can be passed between these objects.

Read more on the research at:

HPC as a lifestyle


In this article we find out that HPC technology returns anastounding $514 for every dollar invested. Yet most companies remain stuck with their traditional technology infrastructures because adoption of advanced scale computing is challenging for multiple reasons.
Find out how companies managed to swith to HPC:

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Do you need more than software skills in engineering curriculums?

Desktop Engineering

David Auslander, professor of Mechanical Engineering at UCBerkeley, argues that engineering curriculum should include numerical approaches from the beginning for such basics as integrals and derivatives. As students are using numerically based software, but they’re using them with very little numeric background. While others would prefer to hire a graduate that had experience designing airflows in manifolds and engines but don’t necessarily understand how the computation works in the software code, but they can get thejob done.
What do you think about that?

Read about it the different views in DE:

The Growing challenge of Modelling Cars

Semiconductor Engineering

Because today’s cars contain sophisticated motion systems, crash safety systems, climate control systems, driver assistance, and infotainment, Ann Steffora Mutschler tells the readers that the most technologically advanced and comprehensive consumer product in the world is not the smartphone but the automobile. Given the complexity of today’s vehicles, there are questionsabout whether system-level modeling is even possible:

OEM multi-material design means the right material in the right spot

In this interview, Eric De Hoff, the Principle Engineer Safety CAE for Honda R&D, reveals some his insights into why OEMS are pursuing mixed material vehicle construction :

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Digital modelling in Baseball

Chicago Tribune

biomedical engineers and baseballWendy Murray and James Buffi, two Northwestern University biomedical engineers have taken to digital modeling to simulate the effect of varying levels of muscle strength on the elbow joint in order to study the way baseball pitchers keep destroying their elbows.

Read about their findings:

Tommy John Surgery - Chicago Tribune

Images from the Chicago Tribune

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