Ida Lindell - Nordic Student Award winner

"Analysis of the Flow of Secondary Steam through a Reheater using 3D CFD" by Ida Lindell from KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Nordic Student Award winner


Student Award

Hello my name is Ida Lindell and my thesis won NAFEMS Nordic Student Award 19/20. Winning the award made me feel very proud of what I had accomplished in my Master Thesis and has given me more confidence in my current work. It was a great feeling to get recognition for my work on the thesis and to know that I had made a contribution to the field of engineering simulations. With that said I would like to encourage all newly graduates out there who has written a thesis regarding engineering simulations to submit their work for this year’s award. I know this last year has been challenging in many ways so take a moment to recognizes that you have done a great job finishing your thesis! Who knows, you might even be the next winner of NAFEMS Nordic Student Award!

Since completing my thesis I have been working at a consultant company as a CFD-engineer, mainly performing simulations and analysis for companies without their own simulation department. This have given me a great opportunity to work with many different applications and simulation techniques. Because of this I continually get to learn new things while creating value for my costumers.

My current goal is to keep working with CFD to gain more knowledge and experience in the field, so that I one day can call myself an expert. I want to keep showing the industry how useful engineering simulations can be and hopefully make more contributions to the development of simulations techniques.

I wish you all good luck with your current and future simulations, and I look forward to see who the next winner of NAFEMS Nordic Student Award will be.

To get in touch with Ida, feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.


In this series, we've asked some of the winners from the 2020 NAFEMS Student Awards to give us their thoughts on what winning the award means to them, and what they are looking forward to as they launch their careers in engineering analysis and simulation


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