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The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge - 02

Assessment of a Simply Supported Plate with Uniformly Distributed Load

January 21st, 2015

by Angus Ramsay, Ramsay Maunder Associates

Nafems Benchmark Challenge

The Benchmark Challenge was launched the October 2014 edition of Benchmark and here on the NAFEMS Challenge blog. The concept behind this initiative is to provide seemingly simple problems for readers to consider. The challenges will typically contain in interesting ‘twist’ which is intended to be thought-provoking and to provide an opportunity for learning.

The first challenge involved finding the ‘Stress at the Centre of a Square Plate with Linear Boundary Tractions’ and there has been a great response so far. As this is the first challenge, the deadline for submission of responses has been extended to the end of January. So if you’ve not yet had a go at this then there are still a few weeks to get your submission in. If you need a further incentive over and above an interesting challenge then prizes are being offered for the best responses!

This second challenge involves an assessment of the collapse of a floor plate for the owner of a building. Published solutions for this problem vary widely and the challenge is to use your engineering skills and FE software tools to provide advice to the owner as to which solution to use. 

Why not challenge yourself and submit a response?

Download the Challenge PDF here nbc_02.pdf
Download some Hints and Tips here nbr_02.pdf
Download this Hints and Tips document as well nbc02_-_hints.pdf

Submit your responses on the blog below, or email

Good luck!

Download all the Benchmark Challenges and their solutions in the Education and Training Working group section of the NAFEMS website.