The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge - 03

The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge - 03

Understanding and Explaining the Nature of the Plain Strain Approximation

April 15th 2015

by Angus Ramsay, Ramsay Maunder Associates

Nafems Benchmark Challenge

The Benchmark Challenge was launched the October 2014 edition of benchmark magazine and on the NAFEMS Challenge blog. The concept behind this initiative is to provide seemingly simply problems for readers to consider.The challenges will typically contain in interesting ‘twist’ which is intended to be thought-provoking and to provide an opportunity for learning.

The first and second challenges have received a great response. Details of these are published on the NAFEMS blog, where you can also view details of all the challenges published so far. The second challenge is still open for submissions. The overall prize of an iPad will be awarded in October, with other small prizes being given periodically.

Here, we introduce the third challenge which looks at plane strain approximations, as well as the solution to the first challenge.

Submit your responses on the blog below, or email

We are looking forward to receive your answers, Good Luck!

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