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Matrix Applied Computing Ltd

Matrix Applied Computing

Every AEC project uses a computer aided design solution of some description. If you’re using AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArchiCAD or one of the other multitude of capable CAD programs on the market, you’re unlikely to want to switch to a different product and have to undergo training a fresh and conversion of CAD data.

So how can we help you increase productivity?

matrixCARE training 

on-site, efficient and customised to suit your needs.

matrixCARE helpdesk

assistance in a single phone call to increase efficiency and help the team back to productive work as soon as possible.

matrixCARE DGNconform

a way of adopting and adhering to standards – currently only with MicroStation – and to efficiently share data libraries.

matrixCARE outsource

Occasionally you may wish to outsource some of your CAD work to a third party when things become a little busy but you can’t justify hiring some-one new.