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Vekthor Sdn Bhd

Vekthor Sdn Bhd

Vekthor is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified organisation specialises in advanced simulation based engineering analysis. The company provides expert advice and consultation services to customers across various technologically driven industries. Vekthor was founded in the year of 2011 in Esbjerg, Denmark, serving primarily the energy sector customers.

Vekthor Sdn Bhd

In the beginning of 2012, the company expanded its business activities into the manufacturing industries and registered itself as a Private Limited Company under the name of Vekthor ApS in Esbjerg, Denmark. Later in the same year, Vekthor Sdn Bhd was established in Penang, Malaysia. The establishment of Vekthor Sdn Bhd is part of strategic and geographical presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Vekthor is a forefront expert advisor for our customers to gain the best engineering design cycle, by reducing cost and improving productivity, based on various specification and requirements by our customers. The company has proven track record with various customers in the past and present. Vekthors’ products cover various levels of engineering service packages. In some instance, the company provides total solution such as complete product development campaign. Nevertheless, Vekthor is also able to perform and provide small, as-when- needed, engineering service packages. Most of our existing and prospective customers would positively benefit from the project commitment, unparalleled competences and solid industrial experience Vekthor has to offer to their organisations.

Vekthor’s capabilities and competences have been developed over the years using advanced simulation based analysis tasks. Our experience and expertise are within the fields of structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and numerical methods. Vekthor utilises some of the most powerful numerical programs and Finite Element Method (FEM) tools available in the market. Our capabilities, competences and combined experiences, reinforce any technical decisions our customers make.

With our years of advanced engineering analysis background, our strengths are in the following fields of expertise:

  • Static / dynamic analysis
  • Linear / non-linear analysis
  • Elastic / inelastic analysis
  • Linear / non-linear buckling analysis
  • Eigenvalue analysis
  • Implicit / explicit analysis
  • Limit state analysis
  • Steady state / transient thermal analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Slamming analysis
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Impact analysis
  • Design optimisation
  • Fluid structure interaction

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