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Simpleware +ScanCAD Module

Simpleware +ScanCAD Module

The +ScanCAD module bolts onto ScanIP and provides a range of tools for the integration of CAD models into the 3D image. The module can be used, for example, to obtain patient specific models by positioning CAD models of different implants within a pre-operative scan. Post-operative performance can be simulated using the combined models and multiple scenarios (e.g. sensitivity of stress field to implant alignment, use of different reaming tools, etc.) can be tested straightforwardly. 

+ScanCAD interface
+ScanCAD Key Features: 

  • User-customisable graphical interface with 2D/3D views 
  • Direct import of most common CAD formats into 3D image 
  • Support for multiple CAD imports 
  • 'On the fly' repair of non-watertight CAD models 
  •  Real-time interactive or keyboard input for positioning 
  •  Constrained motion positioning along user-defined vectors 
  •  Geometry preserving re-sampling 

Some of the benefits using +ScanCAD

+ScanCAD provides a unique approach to merging CAD and image data whilst preserving the features and fidelity of the scanned image. The functionality provided opens the door to modelling a wide range of problems in medicine and dentistry as well as in consumer product design. Examples include: the incorporation of mobile phone designs into MRI head models to explore EM exposure (or comfort and fit with the ear); the exploration of the effect of stent or cannula insertion on blood flow; and the virtual modelling of dental surgery.
  • User friendly interactive environment 
  • Direct import of most common CAD formats into 3D image 
  • Exploration of surgical variability effects, using patient specific models 
  • Pre-clinical testing of new implants on a representative sample of patient population 

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