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I​CME is Integrated Computational Materials Engineering. Dr Steven Arnold, of NASA Glenn Research Centre, the NAFEMS Americas Steering Committee and Simulation Data Management Working Group, explains further.

"The key aspects of ICME are the I and the E. The I meaning integrated and then E standing for engineering, and the utility that engineering brings in terms of being very application focused.

ICME really is trying to design fit-for-purpose materials. That starts at the processing and then moves to internal structure and then moves to properties, and then to performance. The integration part is doing all of that repetitively until you optimize even the manufacturing process to get the right microstructure in the right location, so you get the right types of performance that you're trying to achieve for a given application."

W​atch our brief "ICME - What is it?" video below.


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W​e're looking to initiate a number of activities on ICME within NAFEMS, exploring the possibility of a dedicated community, events, publications, guidelines, and potentially a technical working group.

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