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Mark Palmer (USA)

Dr. Mark Palmer

Research Director


Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer, MD, PhD is a Research Director in the Corporate Strategic Scientific Operations group at Medtronic where he leads an internal team of experts that collaborate across the global enterprise on advanced applications of modeling and simulation. Intramurally, Mark serves on the Enterprise AI Working Group and leads the Enterprise Modeling and Simulation Working Group where he regularly reports to the R&D Council, Clinical Research Council, Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on the long-range R&T Strategy for Modeling & Simulation. Extramurally, Mark serves on the board for the Avicenna Alliance, the NAFEMS Business Impact Working Group and the Industry Advisory Boards for ASME and CompBioMed. He also represents Medtronic on the ASME Verification & Validation 40 Standard for Modeling and Simulation and the ASME Verification and Validation 70 Standard for AI and Machine Learning. Mark has been an invited speaker at more than 40 national and international conferences and a co-author on over 30 internal technical abstracts. In 2020, Mark was named a Medtronic Technical Fellow for his outstanding contributions to the company’s technical excellence.