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Business Impact

Business Impact Working Group

The NAFEMS Business Impact Working Group (BIWG) was formed in 2019.

The BIWG was formed to communicate the overall value of Engineering Simulation to business and how it is increasingly a requirement for continued innovation and the ongoing competitiveness of companies.

Large companies in industries like automotive and aerospace appreciate the value of Engineering Simulation but not
always consistently across the organization. For industries where the use of simulation is not as mature, the value that simulation can bring is less well understood. Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need advice on how to quantify
the benefits of Engineering Simulation for them such that they are willing to make the necessary changes in skills and work processes, and how they spend their development and engineering resources.


The Business Impact Working Group aims to:

  • Demonstrate, document, and communicate the business value of Engineering Simulation, particularly for SMBs
    and industries where simulation is not a mature capability.
  • Provide a framework for discussions with executive management and the commercial and financial parts of
    companies including, but not limited to:
  • Enabling savings – both people’s time as well as reducing the structural and operating cost of products.
  • Changed work processes that deliver higher quality (lower warranty costs), higher productivity, and better
    employee morale / engagement.
  • Insights that lead to discontinuous innovations which in turn lead to competitive advantage in the
  • Identify successful implementations of Engineering Simulation which have provided a demonstrable return on investment, and promote the lessons learned from these implementations.
  • Disseminate techniques that will allow organisations to maximise their investment in Engineering Simulation, including change management, skills development and simulation management. 
  • Develop guidance on how to democratize Engineering Simulation to maximize positive business impact.
  • Provide guidance on different methods of deploying an Engineering Simulation capability.


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the BIWG can be viewed below:

Terms of Reference


Business Impact Working Group Overview

An outline of the group's remit and activities can be downloaded below:

Business Impact Working Group Overview

If you would like to express an interest in becoming a member the BIWG, please complete this form.


Roger KeeneBusiness Impact Working Group Chair

Roger Keene Consultant