Accepted Abstracts

Accepted Abstracts

When the Old Meets the New
J. Aas (CT Innovations Ltd GBR)

Dislocation Meshing – A Credible Solution to Automatic Hexahedral Meshing
J. Aas (CT Innovations Ltd GBR)

Validating ExploCFD a Hybrid Explosion Modelling Tool
M. Abdel-Jawad (Advanced Analysis Australia AUS)

Product Digitalization: Towards the Design of Digital Twins
U. Abusomwan, L. Alteirac (Schlumberger USA)

Multiphysics Design and Process Optimization of Additively Manufactured Radio Frequency Components
S. Acharya (Ansys Inc USA) I. Waldron (Asys Inc USA)

Composite Plate Design Optimization Using Enhanced Hyper-cube Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
A. Ahmid, V. Lê, T. Dao (École de Technologie Supérieure CAN)

Simulating Mechanical Behavior of Electric Cables and Wire Harness
P. Andry (Samtech, S.A. BEL) A. Schyns (Samtech S.A. BEL)

Simulation of Flowfield Around a RAM-Air Parachute Canopy Using FSI Technique
A. Antre, S. Jana (Zeus Numerix IND)

Numerical Simulation of Ablation-Radiation-Magnetic Field Coupling in High-Voltage Circuit Breaker Chambers
S. Arabi, J. Trepanier, R. Camarero (Polytechnique Montreal CAN) P. Robin-Jouan (General Electric FRA)

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Management of Electric Can-Am On-road Spyder Battery Pack
M. Ariana, M. Roux (Centre de technologies avancées BRP – Université de Sherbrooke CAN)

Numerical Simulation Of Thermal Management Of Electric Can-Am On-Road Spyder Battery Pack
M. Ariana, M. Roux (Centre de technologies avancées BRP – Université de Sherbrooke CAN)

Development of a New Finite Element Model to Simulate Creep in Thermoplastic Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Structures
H. Ashrafizadeh (Shawcor, CAN) R. Schultz (Shawcor - CPS, CAN) P. Mertiny (Department of Mechanical Engineering - University of Alberta, CAN)

Instabilities Forecasting Through Machine Learning with Neural Networks : Application on Large-Eddy Combustion Simulation Data
S. Assou, Y. Tourbier (Groupe Renault FRA) L. Jézéquel (Ecole Centrale de Lyon FRA)

Challenges in Simulation-based Decisions Towards the Transformation of the Product Life-Cycle
M. Atak, I. Raghupatruni, M. Einsiedler, A. Graetz, H. Heinkel, D. Seiler-Thull (Robert Bosch GmbH GER)

A Multiphysics-Circuit Coupled Dynamic Modeling of Electroactive Polymer Based Capacitive Force Sensor
S. Badgujar, S. Sewalkar, D. Phatak (John Deere India Pvt Ltd IND)

Materials and Simulation: From CAE to ICME, A 2040 Vision
S. Baker, S. Warde, J. Goddin (Granta Design GBR)

Simulation Driven Development for Additive Manufacturing of Critical Components for High Temperature Applications of Industry Pump
M. Kristensen, A. Jensen (Grundfos DEN)

Determination of Stress Intensification Factors of Piping Components by Finite Element Analysis
S. Bapat (Woodgroup plc GBR)

Computational Numerical Analysis of Oil Churning Power Losses in a Vehicular Rear Axle Differential System
J. Barbosa (DRIVEN/CLAUT MEX) M. Castillo-Morales, M. Bello (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León MEX) E. Garcia (SISAMEX Company MEX)

A Novel Approach to Support Structures Optimized for Heat Dissipation in SLM by Combining Process Simulation With Topology Optimization
K. Bartsch, D. Herzog, C. Emmelmann (Hamburg University of Technology GER) F. Lange (Fraunhofer Institute of Additive Production Technologies IAPT GER)

Detailed FEA of Skeletal Muscle Actuation and Relation Between Mechanical Parameters and Muscle Dysfunction
H. Bastien (Ametek - Creaform CAN) D. Rancourt, M. Léonard (Université de Sherbrooke CAN)

Speed-Up of the Design Process and Fine Tuning of the Collapsing Behavior of a Snowmobile Structure Submitted to Frontal Crash at High Speed; A Wise Use of Advanced Numerical Simulation
H. Bastien (Ametek-Creaform CAN) S. Vézina (BRP CAN)

A Novel End to End Solution for Super Large Structural Simulation Problems
V. Belsky, M. Kim, W. He, Y. Shi, C. Ianculescu, J. Jang (Dassault Systemes SIMULIA USA)

Blast Wave Parameters and Finite Element Mesh
A. Bhargava (AECOM USA)

Predicting Additive Manufacturing Build Cracks Using XFEM
J. Bi, V. Savane, Z. Du (Dassault Systemes Simulia USA) J. Laureto (Renishaw USA)

Approach and Constitutive Numerical Models of Concrete Behavior in Composite Structures
K. Bilal (DYWIDAG System International Inc. USA) M. Mahamid, I. Torra (University of Illinois at Chicago USA)

Frequency Domain Spot Weld & Seam Weld Analysis
N. Bishop (CAEfatigue Limited USA) P. Roemelt (Ford Motor Company GER) P. Murthy (CAEfatigue Limited FRA)

Frame Load Evaluation Methods on a Recreational Vehicle Using Multibody Dynamics (MBD)
C. Blanchette (Centre de Technologies Avancée CAN) M. Boisvert, N. Joubert (Centre de Technologies Avancées CAN) D. Rancourt, A. Desrochers (Université de Sherbrooke CAN) Y. St-Amant (Université Laval CAN)

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) Tools Within ANSYS
N. Boan (Bluhorizon Engineering Group AUS)

The Vibration Comfort Optimization Of An Off-Road Vehicle Using Finite Element
M. Bolduc (BRP CAN) H. Bastien (Ametek - Creaform CAN)

Fan Noise in Electronic Systems: Simulating Acoustic Sources, Propagation, and Installation Effects
R. Bons, R. Acharya (Siemens PLM Software USA) A. Kierkegaard (Siemens PLM Software GER) J. Grilliat (ebm-papst GER)

Modelling and Simulation of a Reference Engine
G. Breslau (Technische Universität Dresden GER) B. Schlecht (Institute of Machine Elements GER)

Democratization of Simulation and Optimization Enabling Effective Decision Making at Cummins
K. Brittain, A. Janakiraman (Cummins, USA)

Design and Sizing of an Airship Supported by CAE
M. Bruyneel, O. Banse, L. Fitschy, S. Gohy, J. Buret (GDTech BEL) N. Caeymax (Flywin BEL) M. Duponcheel (Université Catholique de Louvain BEL) P. Hendrick (ULB BEL) E. Callut (Deltatec BEL)

Advances in Material Modeling for High Velocity Impacts on Composites
M. Bruyneel, R. Anantharaju (GDTech BEL) P. Flores (University of Conception CHI) J. Ponthot (University of Liège BEL)

Augmented Engineering Methodology to Efficiently Improve the Design Process of Sports Equipement at Decathlon
A. Callens (Decathlon FRA)

Fatigue Analysis of Numerical Bolted Connections
A. Camara, J. Robert, F. Pennec, S. Durif, A. Bouchair (INSTITUT PASCAL FRA)

Open Source vs Commercial Software for Structural Optimization of Composite Structures: A Comparison

Lubrication Simulation in Automotive Gear Box with SPH-Flow
J. Candelier, A. Bannier, F. Sarret, L. Chiron (Nextflow Software FRA)

Analysis of the Dynamic Response Applied to a Cubesat
F. Candia Garcia, G. Medel, V. Galindo (Benemeria Universidad Autonoma de Puebla MEX) H. Vargas, E. Garcia, J. Contreras (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, MEX)

Optimization of a Three-Bladed Rotor
F. Candia, F. Cardenas, V. Galindo (Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, MEX)

Hybrid Meshing Strategies for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines and Wind Farm Applications
T. Carrigan, C. Pita (Pointwise, Inc. USA)

Incorporation of Inspection Result in Reliability Analysis
M. Cesare (Cesare Consulting USA)

The Study of 1D Simulation Approaches for Model Based Development (MBD) in Thermal Management System
Y. Cha, S. Pae, H. Yang, J. Choi, H. No (Hanon Systems KOR)

Aluminum Block Bolt Hole Thread Fatigue Analysis
C. Chang (General Motors Global Propulsion Systems USA) R. Hazime (ADACS USA) B. Li (General Motors GPS USA)

Pre-Validation Method of Steering System by Using Hybrid Simulation
H. Chang (Hyundai Motor Company KOR)

Fatigue Modeling of Threaded Connectors
A. Chaurasia, H. Radhakrishnan (ANSYS, Inc. USA) G. Mannella (GB Connections USA)

Non-Linear Optimization of Suspension Link for Optimal Performance
A. Chelikani, A. Perez (Magna Cosma USA) G. Prasanna (Altair Enginnering USA)

A Coupling Solver Architecture for Multiphysics Simulations
O. Chernukhin (Ansys Inc. CAN)

Virtual Simulation of Occupant Kinematics at Emergency Braking Maneuver
H. Choi, B. Son (Hongik University KOR) S. Chang, K. Lee, C. Ahn (Hyundai Motor KOR)

Virtual Assessment of Muscle Metabolism at Truck Driving
H. Choi, H. Shin, B. Son, M. Han (Hongik University KOR) W. Lee (ESI Korea KOR) H. Chang, J. Choi, J. Park (Hyundai Motor KOR)

Design Guide of the Vehicle Structural Components in the Concept Design Phase for Crashworthiness
Y. Choi (Dassault Systems SIMULIA USA) R. Nagose, A. Pathak (3dplm Software Solutions Ltd IND)

Comparison of Numerical Methods for Temperature Prediction in Circuit Protection Devices
D. Choudhary (Eaton Technologies Private Limited, IND) A. Kittur (Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd., IND) R. Slepian (Eaton Corporation, USA)

Online Simulation Considering Production Uncertainties to Improve Assembly Quality
F. Claus (TU-Kaiserslautern GER)

Internally Smeared Method for The Modelling of Composite Laminate Components
A. Clugston, T. Robinson, D. Nolan (Queen's University Belfast GBR)

Virtual DMA for Orthotropic Viscoelastic Characterization of Composite Materials
H. Cornwell, L. Castro, F. Souza (MultiMechanics USA) L. Lima, K. Neves (MultiMechanics BRA)

Multiscale Simulation of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strength
H. Cornwell, L. Castro, F. Souza (MultiMechanics USA) L. Lima, K. Neves (MultiMechanics BRA)

Modeling Interlaminar and Adhesive Failure Using Multiscale Cohesive Zones
H. Cornwell, L. Castro, F. Souza (MultiMechanics USA) L. Lima (MultiMechanics BRA)

Loads Enveloping
E. Costa (Ford Motor Company BRA) T. Meehan (Ford Motor Company USA) N. Bishop, P. Murthy (CAEfatigue Limited USA)

Improving Collapsibility Robustness of an EPS-CD by Means of Simulation and Six Sigma Techniques
D. Costas Muñoz, M. Majzel (ZF group POL) D. Vieker (Zf Grou GER)

Numerical Modeling of Bulk Solids Flow Using the DEM Approach
D. Craig (Jenike & Johanson, Inc USA) M. Esaki (Jenike & Johanson, Ltd CAN)

Evaluating Moving Particle Simulation Method Against Mesh Based Methods
J. Crist (EnginSoft USA USA)

A Novel Approach to Combining 1D and 3D Simulations to Accurately Model the Immersion Cooling of Cpus and Gpus of a Blade Server
M. Croegaert (Mentor Graphics - A Siemens Company USA) J. Halestrap, A. Young (Iceotope GBR) J. Parry (Mentor Graphics - A Siemens Company GBR)

Digital Prediction of Porosity and Permeability Variation of Unconsolidated Sands Caused by Over-burden Pressure
B. Crouse, J. Bautista, S. Gill, D. Freed (Dassault Systemes USA)

Active Torque Distribution for Multi-Track Vehicles to Stabilize the Lateral Dynamics
R. Degen, H. Ott, F. Klein, M. Ruschitzka (University of Applied Science - TH Köln GER)

A Methodology for Fully-Coupled CFD Engine Simulations, Applied to a Micro Gas Turbine Engine
A. Demeulenaere (Numeca, USA, Inc. USA)

Enhanced CAE Method for Upfront Manual Transmission Gear Rattle Noise Prediction
A. Deodhar (Ford Motor Company GBR)

Development and Validation of Pedestrian Headform FE Model for AIS 100 / GTR 9
S. Deshpande, N. Kulkarni, R. Mahajan (Automotive Research Association of India IND)

Design of Computational Experiments (DoCE) Study and Evaluation of Road Restraint Barriers as per EN 1317
S. Deshpande, R. Mahajan (Automotive Research Association of India IND)

Maximize Extended Reach with 2 in Coiled Tubing In Horizontal Well – Fortin de Piedra Field Case (A Vaca Muerta Formation)

Form Correction Process Validation for Precision Steel Tubes Using Numerical Simulation and Experimental Methods

Efficiency-Driven Model Simplifications in Crash Simulations of FRP-Metal Hybrid Material Systems in Automotive Body Structures
M. Dlugosch, J. Fritsch, S. Hiermaier (Fraunhofer-Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI GER) D. Lukaszewicz (BMW Group GER)

Processing of Numerical Simulations and Experimental X-Ray Car Crash (X-CC) Data for Deviation Analyses and Model Quality Assessment
M. Dlugosch, T. Soot, S. Moser, J. Fritsch (Fraunhofer-Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI GER)

Potentials and Challenges of Materials and Engineering Research Data Repositories – System Architecture and Data Structures of a Materials Data Space
M. Dlugosch (Fraunhofer-Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI GER)

Virtual Testing in the Industry - Process Development, SPDM and Automation
B. Dóczi (Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Hungary HUN) D. Felhős, A. Varga, S. Jónás (Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest HUN)

Bringing Simulation to Life with Immersive Virtuality
G. Donval (Dassault Systemes CAN)

Recommended Best Practices for Model Based Engineering's Digital Twin: Analysis and Simulation
J. Draper (The Boeing Company USA) A. Levy (CIMPA S.A.S. FRA) J. Johnson (Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics USA) P. Rosche (Advanced Collaboration Consulting Resources USA) J. Boy (prosetp ivip GER) J. Crepel (AFNeT FRA) R. Dreisbach (The Boeing Company (retired) USA)

Development of a Novel Damage Model for Concrete Subjected to High Temperature and Constraint
J. Draup (EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, GBR) A. Gangnant (EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, TJK) J. Guo, G. Doughty (EDF Energy Nuclear Generation, GBR)

CFD Tool in the Development of the New BRP Can-Am RYKER With Aerodynamic, Heat Management and CVT Cooling
T. Driant (BRP CAN

)Innovative Techniques on Beam Section Optimization. A BiW Case Study
D. Drougkas, G. Korbetis (BETA CAE Systems SA GRE) K. Skolarikis (BETA CAE Systems International AG SUI)

Multiphysics Modeling for Personalized 3D-Printed Maxillofacial Bone Grafts
K. D'Souza (Dassault Systemes USA) U. G (Dassault Systemes IND) R. Stupplebeen (Optimal Devices USA) A. Hasan (Dentsply Sirona USA)

Digital Twin as Element of the Overall Digital Engineering
C. Ducamp (Airbus FRA) S. Estable (Airbus GER)

How to Leverage Applied AI & Deep Learning in Manufacturing and Simulation
R. Duquette (Maya HTT Ltd CAN)

A Modified Shrinkage Method for Fast Prediction of Residual Distortions and Stresses in Additive Manufacturinf of Metal Parts
D. Antonio, G. M. Armindo, J. Julio, G. J. Luis (ITMA Fundation ESP)

Failure Root Cause Analysis Driven by Simulation
P. Duval, V. Lamontagne, H. Bastien (Creaform - Ametek CAN) J. Théroux (Nova Bus - Volvo CAN)

The Continuation of Simulation Democratization
D. Ericsson (COMSOL AB SWE)

Exploring Design Space by Using Digital Geometry and Level-Set Morphing Methods
R. Evans (Cambridge Flow Solutions GBR) W. Dawes, M. Hunt, N. Meah (0 0)

Simulation of Passive Dampers for High-End Mechatronic Systems
R. Faassen (MI-Partners NED)

Pushing the Boundary of System Dynamics with Co-Simulation
Y. Fan, E. Pesheck (MSC Software USA)

Thermoforming Simulation of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites for Automotive Application
H. Farid (Aventec Inc. CAN)

Mapping Made Easy: How the New VMAP Interface Standard Can Be Utilized in ANSA Towards Smooth Preprocessing
A. Fassas (BETA CAE Systems GRE)

Simulation of Washing Facilities in Automotive Manufacturing
M. Menon (ESS - Engineering Software Steyr AUT)

Methodology for the Simulation of Conveyor Belts Using the Discrete Element Method
E. Fimbinger (University of Leoben (Montanuniversität) AUT)

Powertrain Mount Bracket NVH Design Development Through Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning

Theory-Guided Machine Learning Composites Processing Modelling for Manufacturability Assessment in Preliminary Design
A. Floyd, D. Van Ee, A. Poursartip (Convergent Manufacturing Technologies, Inc CAN) N. Zobeiry (University of British Columbia CAN)

Additive Manufacturing Simulation of Thin-Walled Structures
Z. Francis (ANSYS, Inc. USA)

Shape Optimization Based on an Adjoint Method for Improving Aerothermal Performance of Heat Exchangers
N. Francois (VALEO THS FRA) T. Plusa (VALEO THS POL)

Energy Budget of Electrical Arcs in a Gas-Blast Circuit Breaker
R. Fuchs, H. Nordborg (HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil SUI)

Finite Element Analysis to Assess Fish Mortality from Interactions tith Tidal Turbine Blades
N. Fyffe (Blumara Corp. CAN)

Debonding Behaviour of Glue on Camera with Varying Temperature
C. Gaddikere, M. Soppin (HCL Technology IND)

Achieving Vehicle Lightweighting in Transportation Using CAE Toolchains from Design to Manufactured Product
B. Gadhia, D. Neill (MSC Software USA) K. Hanna (MSC Software GBR)

Analysis on the Effect of the Depth and Location of Thickness Losses Located on Dents in the Pressure of Failure in Pipelines
J. Gamba Gomez, Y. Pineda Triana (Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia. COL) D. Moncada Saavedra (Cenit Transporte y Logística de Hidrocarburos S.A. COL)

Uncertainty Quantification for a Deeper Understanding of Vehicle Suspension Performance and Improved Design
N. Gaul, K. Choi (RAMDO Solutions USA)

Gain Productivity and Increase Profitability
E. Ghossein (Maya Heat Transfer Technologies CAN)

Gasoline Small Engine Simulation Verification with Endoscopic High Speed Imaging Data
K. Giefer, C. Weber (Ford Werke GmbH, GER)

Integrative NVH Simulation of Anisotropic Injection-Moulded Parts
M. Giess (South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences GER)

Acoustic Simulation - Making All The Right Noises
S. Gilmore (Crux Product Design GBR)

An Automated Finite Element Approach for the Optimisation of Manufacturing Tolerances in Complex Drug Delivery Devices
S. Gilmore (Crux Product Design GBR)

e-Commerce – The Complete Virtual ISTA-6 Model is Here
S. Gilmore (Crux Product Design GBR)

The Optimal High-Volume Production Line
S. Gilmore (Crux Product Design GBR)

EMMO: A Reference Representation of Materials and Their Modelling
G. Goldbeck (Goldbeck Consulting Ltd GBR) E. Ghedini (University of Bologna ITA) A. Hashibon (Fraunhofer IWM GER) G. Schmitz (ACCESS GER) J. Friis (SINTEF NOR)

Maturity of Adoption of Materials Modelling in Industry
G. Goldbeck (Goldbeck Consulting Ltd GBR)

Multiphysics Analysis of a Three-phase Power Transformer Under Short-circuit Fault Conditions. Study of Electromagnetic Forces and Deformations in the Windings and the Structural Elements
A. Rodríguez González, P. Lombard, T. Guffroy (Altair Engineering, FRA)

Impact of Vehicle Dynamics Model Fidelity in the Development of ADAS
M. Grottoli, A. Van Der Heide, Y. Lemmens (Siemens PLM Software BEL)

GaspiLS - The GPI-2 Based Linear Solver Library for Scalability
D. Grünewald, F. Pfreundt (Fraunhofer ITWM GER) D. Stoyanov (Fraunofer ITWM GER)

Analysis of Turbulent Flow Data Based on a Spectral Basis Representation
C. Gscheidle, R. Iza-Teran, J. Garcke (Fraunhofer SCAI GER) L. Berger (CFD Schuck Ingenieurgesellschaft GER)

Disruptive Method for Optimization Study in Automotive Industry, Using EIM Modes
E. Gstalter (Renault/UTC FRA) S. Assou (Renault/ Ecole Centrale Lyon FRA) F. De Vuyst (Universite de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) FRA) Y. Tourbier (Renault FRA)

Design and Simulation of an Inverter Power Module for an Electric Vechile
K. Gundu, S. Prasad, J. Zhou, P. Kanade (Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp USA)

Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes for Metals: Amazing Experiences
H. Gysin, R. Gantenbein (HSR Hochschule für Technik SUI)

A Study of the Reduced Model of Battery Cell for Structural Analysis
Y. Hahn, F. Letailleur (Dassault Systemes SIMULIA USA)

Probabilistic Fatigue and Reliability Simulation
A. Halfpenny (HBM Prenscia GBR) A. Chabod (HBM Prenscia FRA)

Fatigue Simulation of Welds Using the Total-Life Method
A. Halfpenny, P. Roberts (HBM Prenscia GBR) K. Munson, J. Mentley (HBM Prenscia USA)

Efficient and Accurate Broadband FEM-Based Vibro-Acoustics
K. Hamiche, K. Vansant, S. Donders, O. Atak, H. Bériot (Siemens PLM Software BEL)

Substituting Physical Testing of Packaging Concepts with Virtual Modelling for Improved Transportation Robustness
T. Hansen (Novo Nordisk DEN)

The Assessment of Credibility and Maturity for Smarter Testing
L. Harris (Airbus SAS FRA)

The Application of Surrogate Models in Non Destructive Testing and Medical Imaging
P. Hashemzadeh (Universityof Cambridge GBR) T. Fokas (University of Cambridge GBR) L. Chec (Datdvance SAS FRA) D. Frolov (DATADVANCE SAS RUS) A. Saratov (DATADVANCE LLC RUS)

Coupled Thermal-Mechanical Simulation of the Ski Manufacturing Process
G. Hauenstein (lucerne university of applied sciences and arts SUI)

Design of Automotive Structural Metal - GFRP Hybrid Parts Using the Novel Manufacturing Technique “Hybridforming”
D. Heidrich, X. Fang (University of Siegen GER)

Probabilistic Process Simulation and In-situ Process Prediction During Composite Manufacturing as Contribution to Industry 4.0
R. Hein, T. Wille, M. Liebisch (German Aerospace Center GER)

Optimization of an Additively Manufactured Aircraft Bracket Considering Fatigue Strength
P. Hein (Sogeti Deutschland GmbH, GER) A. Taghiyar (0, 0)

Optimizing the Dynamic System Behavior of Machine Tools
R. Helfrich (INTES GmbH GER)

Contact Analysis - An Alternative Approach
R. Helfrich (INTES GmbH GER)

Advanced Lightweighting and Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing Powered Through GPUs
J. Hendrickson (ANSYS USA)

Advancing Vehicle Development Using Digital Human Modeling to put the Human-in-the-loop During Early Stage Design: Case Example in the Design of a Novel Electric Cargo Scooter
M. Hetzler (Thumbprint Solutions Inc. CAN) S. Fischer (University of Waterloo CAN)

Multiphysics and Multiscale Simulation Using an Opensource Fluid-Structure Interaction Framework
S. Hewitt, I. Afgan, L. Margetts, A. Revell (University of Manchester GBR); A. Shterenlikht (University of Bristol GBR)

Optimization and Manufacturing Feasibility of Stamped Components to Reduce the Vehicle Mass and Improve Performance
P. Hiremath (Altair Engineering USA)

Experiment and Simulation Comparison of Expansion Strength and Internal Force of Clamp Band-Boot in Automobile CV Joint
T. Yoon, H. Kim (KISTI KOR) S. Kim, I. Lee, G. Lee (Shinwooshin KOR)

It’s in the Interpretation – Three CFD Based Case Studies from the Oil and Gas Sector That Demonstrate How Alternative Interpretations of Simulation Predictions Can Lead to Significantly Different Engineering Decisions
S. Howell, S. Feven, P. Middha (Abercus, GBR)

Recent Developments on an In-house Database Driven SDM Tool and its Deployment
S. Howell, S. Feven, P. Middha (Abercus, GBR)

Introduction of Fluid Element to Structural-Thermal Analysis in Diamond Light Source
H. Huang (Diamond Light Source Ltd GBR)

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Composite Aircraft Radome
K. Hunter (Altair Engineering, Inc. USA) E. Whalen, G. Gampala, S. Mishra, C. Reddy (0 0)

FEA and Physical Correlation of Bolted Joints' Response to Shear Loading
S. Huston (Ingersoll Rand USA) S. Legan (Thermo King USA)

Virtual Systems Engineering for Professional Audio Applications
S. Hutt (MVOID Group GER) A. Svobodnik (MVOID Group AUT)

Using CFD to Simulate Mixing Tank Clean-In-Place Process
J. Ibrahim, H. Metwally, M. Sami (ANSYS Inc., USA) K. Brown (Spraying Systems, USA)

Wiper Squeaking Noise Simulation with Nonlinear FEA and Acoustic Analysis
M. Iizuka, M. Tateishi (MSC Software Corporation JPN)

Multiphysics Modeling: Electro-Thermal-Vibro-Accoustics Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Machine for Electrical Vehicles
K. Illa (Siemens PLM USA) K. Kucukcoskun (Siemens PLM Inc BEL)

Quantitative Evaluation of Separation Performance of the Gas-Liquid Separator: Experiment, Validation of Prediction Method and Numerical Simulation
M. Irikura, H. Kobayashi, M. Maekawa (Chiyoda Corporation JPN) C. Heijckers (MySep Pte Ltd SGP) H. Witteveen (KRANJI Solutions Pte Ltd SGP)

Crack Initiation at the Tungsten Plates Study Approach Using FEM
N. Jaksic, I. Zammuto, A. Herrmann, H. Greuner (Max-Planck-Instittut GER)

Virtual Development of Cooling Strategies for LED Street Lights Using Conjugate Heat Transfer Methods
U. Janoske (University Wuppertal GER) K. Müller (Gratz Luminance GmbH GER)

Numerical Simulation of Degassing Processes in Filling and Packing Processes of Solid Goods
U. Janoske (University Wuppertal GER) T. Freiberger (OPTIMA consumer GmbH GER)

Extended Reality (XR) - The Future of AI System Training?
J. Jarrett (Kinetic Vision USA)

Multiscale Modelling of Sand Erosion: A Step Towards Digitalization
A. Jatale (ANSYS Inc USA) M. Agrawal, M. Parsi (0 USA)

Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation: Application of CALPHAD Modeling Tools to Determine Material Properties Relevant to Part Scale Models
R. Jennings (Kansas City National Security Campus USA)

Operating Durability Performance Estimation of Solenoid-Driven Actuator Under Vibration Excitation Conditions
S. Jeon, D. Lee, S. Cha (Hyundai KEFICO KOR) W. Lee (V-ENG KOR)

Making Believers Out of Non-Believers: Psychology Behind Transformation
C. Johar (AAON Inc USA)

Using Statistical Calibration for Model Verification and Validation, Diagnosis of Model Inadequacy and Improving Simulation Accuracy
G. Jones, M. Andrews, Z. Graves (SmartUQ USA)

Uncertainty Quantification and Digital Engineering Applications in Design and Life Cycle Management
G. Jones, M. Andrews, Z. Graves (SmartUQ USA)

Accurate Simulation of Necking and Post-Necking Response in Tension for Ductile Metals

The Role of Analytics in the Digital Twin
G. Jones, M. Andrews (SmartUQ USA)

Simulations of ITER Magnet System from Design to Manufacturing to Assembly
C. Jong, J. Buskop (ITER International Organization FRA) N. Mitchell (ITER International Organization 0)

Effective Design of Automotive Components Using Visualdoc Multi-Discipline Design Optimization Software
O. Joshi, R. Bokil (Vanderplaats Research & Development Inc. USA)

The Anatomy of Finite Element Analysis Codes
G. Kalsi (AWE plc, GBR)

Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Analysis Applied to the Design of Advanced Aero Engines
A. Karl (Rolls-Royce USA) R. Bates (Rolls-Royce GBR)

Loads Conditioning for Frequency Domain Analysis
S. Kerr, N. Bishop (CAEfatigue Limited USA) S. Datta (Chrysler Technical Center USA)

Total Artificial Heart Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling - A Study on the Impact of Stator Bore Radius on the Potential for Thrombus Formation
M. Khelghatibana (SimuTech Group, CAN) M. Goodin (SimuTech Group, USA) D. Horvath (R1 Engineering, USA) N. Byram, J. Karimov, T. Miyamoto, K. Fukamachi (Cleveland Clinic, USA)

A Study on the Optimization of EV Inverter Power Module Considering Tolerances
Y. Kim, Y. Kim, C. Hong, M. Kang, K. Kim (LG Electronics KOR)

Overcoming the Team Collaboration Obstacles of Distance and Specialization Through Democratization Technologies
S. Kleidarias (BETA CAE Systems Greece GRE)

Model-Based System Design and Simulation for Elevator Systems Engineering
S. Kleiner (:em engineering methods AG GER) F. Rigazio (Schindler Elevator Ltd. SUI) W. Moretti (Schindler Elevator Ltd. SUI)

CFD-DEM and DEM Modelling for Particle Flows and Multiphase Flows
A. Mayrhofer, C. Kloss, C. Goniva, A. Hager (DCS Computing AUT) S. Chewning (ESCO Corporation USA)

The ASME V&V 40 Standard – Assessing Credibility of Computational Models Through Verification and Validation: Application to Medical Devices - An End-to-End Example
L. Knudsen (Syncroness, Inc. USA) S. Satry, B. Lurie (W.L. Gore & Associates USA) M. Horner, M. Xu (ANSYS USA) S. Nagaraja (G. Rau Inc. USA)

Beyond Validation – Understanding the Business Value of Simulation Models
J. Könnö (Wärtsilä Corporation FIN)

Analytical Method to Obtain Ply Specific Engineering Constants from Simple Material Tests of NCF Composite Parts
L. Kovacs (eCon Engineering Ltd. HUN) B. Fodor (BMW Group GER)

Scalable Linear Solvers for Effective Design of Filled Rubbers Material
A. Krechel (Fraunhofer GER) H. Plum, M. Schweitzer (Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing, SCAI GER) C. Wu (Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) USA) M. Koishi (Koishi Laboratory, The Yokohama Rubber Co, LTD JPN)

Multiphysics Simulation Approaches to Model Peristaltic Pump
S. Krishnan, A. Srivastava, H. Kanchi (ANSYS inc USA)

A Benchmark Example for Delamination Growth Predictions Based on the Single Leg Bending Specimen Under Fatigue Loading
R. Krueger (National Institute of Aerospace USA) L. Deobald, H. Gu (The Boeing Company USA)

Probabilistic Joint Stiffness Analysis With Hole Clearance and Position Variations

A Study on the Analytical Approach to Evaluation of the Seat Wrinkling and Bagginess
O. Kwon (hyundai-dymos KOR) J. Yun (Hyundai-motors KOR)

Multi-Objective Optimization of Ceiling Fan
B. Lakhlani, R. Mandal, V. Mishra (CONTRAVOLTS INFOTECH PVT LTD IND)

Beyond the Obvious - The Industry 5.0 by Hybrid Modelling
V. Lämsä, V. Nieminen, V. Kotovirta, T. Laakko, B. Hemming, O. Saarela, J. Kortelainen, P. Kivikytö-Reponen, M. Simons (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd FIN)

DEM Investigation of Voidage Gradients in Grain Bulks

A Novel Approach to Avoid Internal Support Structures in Fluid Flow Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
F. Lange (Fraunhofer IAPT GER) K. Bartsch (TUHH 0) C. Emmelmann (0 0)

The Importance of Sound Simulation Governance for Design of Pipeline Repair Products: Overview and Two Case Studies
M. Langerholc, Q. Li, E. Freeman (T.D. Williamson USA)

Using Simulations for Design of Advanced Pipeline Pressure Isolation Applications
M. Langerholc, Q. Li, E. Freeman (T.D. Williamson USA)

Improving Stability and Performance of Flight Controls
A. Laurella (Maya HTT CAN)

The Marching Tetra Method for Full Vehicle Meshing
M. Lautsch (Lautsch Finite Elemente GmbH GER)

Designing Energy Efficient Traction Machines for EVS and HEVS
V. Leconte (Altair Engineering FRA)

Correlation Between Structural-Acoustic Analysis and Measurements on the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor of Electric Vehicle
H. Lee (LG Electronics KOR)

Development of Personalized Biomechanical Simulator Using the Real-Time Measurement of Human Eye with Optical Coherent Tomography
Y. Lee, S. Balliwar (Altair KOR) Y. Kim (Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital KOR)

Optimization Method of Wiring and Piping Routes for Vehicle Applications
T. Lee, S. Kim, S. Kim (Hanyang University KOR) K. Lee (Hyundai Motor Company KOR)

The Simulation Process Automation for Applying Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Y. Lee (Altair KOR)

Topology Optimization with Overhang Constraints for Applications in Additive Manufacturing
J. Leiva (Vanderplaats Reseach & Development, Inc. USA) H. Dong (Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc. USA)

Assess Impact of Fiber Waviness on Composite Structure Performance by Finite Element Modelling
C. Lequesne, H. Xiong, J. Delsemme (Samtech, a Siemens Company BEL) M. Bruyneel, F. Strepenne (GDTech BEL) V. Destoop, T. Pardoen (UCLouvain BEL) T. de Lumley Woodyear (Sonaca BEL) V. Nepper (SABCA BEL)

CERBER, a SPDM Proof of Concept Based on OpenSPDM to Manage Bearing Design for Aircraft Engines at Safran Aircraft Engines
J. Leroux, C. Le Lann (Safran Aircraft Engines, FRA) M. Norris (TheSDMConsultancy, GBR) S. Grau (Inensia, FRA)

Subject-Specific Twin Model of the Human Foot to Improve Foot and Ankle Surgery
E. Lete (Digital Orthopaedics BEL) B. Ferré (Digital Orthopaedics FRA)

Machine Learning Algorithm for the Prediction of Idle Combustion Uniformity
X. Li, A. Zouani (Ford Motor Company USA)

Coupling Process Analysis Results to Structural Simulation: Ongoing Research on Mapping and Homogenization Algorithms
C. Liebold, T. Usta, A. Haufe (DYNAmore GmbH GER)

Lessons Learned from Developing a Digital Prototype Within the ARENA2036 Environment and Improvements with the New VMAP Standard
C. Liebold, A. Haufe (DYNAmore GmbH GER) M. Holzapfel, M. Vinot (DLR Stuttgart, German Aerospace Center GER) P. Böhler, J. Dittmann (IFB - University of Stuttgart, Institute of Aircraft Design GER) H. Finckh, F. Fritz (DITF - German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf GER)

Parameters Optimization of a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
C. Locci (Siemens PLM Software GER) C. Lueth (Siemens PLM Software USA) K. Frojd (Siemens PLM Software SWE)

Application of Bayesian Modeling and Three-Dimensional FEA in Component Level Crack Propagation Life Assessment
A. Loghin (Simmetrix Inc. USA) S. Ismonov (Jacobs Technologies, Inc. USA)

Reconfigurable Formulation and Implementation of Mdao Systems
R. Lombardi (Noesis solutions NV ITA) I. Van Gent (TU Delft NED) G. La Rocca (TU Delft ITA)

Frontal Crash Simulation of a Bus in Concordance to ECE R 29 Regulation
S. López, E. Viteri, L. Orozco (ESPOCH ECU)

Pile-Soil Interaction Analysis by a 3D BEM/FEM Formulation
E. Luamba, J. De Paiva (University of São Paulo BRA)

Operational Loads Measurement and Design Optimization of a Gold Mine Rail Hauling System Showing Fatigue Cracks
M. Lussier (Optimec Consultants CAN) D. Paquette (Agnico Eagle CAN) T. Hunter (Wolfstar Technologies USA)

Satellite Equipment Support Structure Redesign for Additive Manufacturing and Build Distortion Prediction / Validation
M. Lussier, B. Beckelynck (Optimec Consultants CAN) A. Mccolgan (Honeywell CAN) A. Gibson (Canadian Space Agency CAN)

Structural, Fluid Flow and Thermal Analyses of Formulae Electric Engine
M. Lussier (Optimec Consultants CAN) S. Bigras (TM4 CAN) B. Beckelynck (Optimec Consultants CAN)

Design Optimization of Extendable Spout for Flexible Packaging
L. Ma, D. Ramirez (The Dow Chemical Company USA) J. Gomes (The Dow Chemical Compnay BRA)

A Comparative Study on Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses of a Single Pass Bead-on-plate Weld
Y. Ma, Z. Fan, S. Wen, S. Yan Zhang, P. Zhang (Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials, CHN) D. McPhil (ISIS Facilty, Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) RAL, GBR)

Robust Assessment of Automotive Door Structure by Considering Manufacturing Variations
R. Mahadule (FCA IND) P. Nittur, R. Namineni (FCA USA)

Quality Management of CAE Data Within a SPDM Environment
I. Makropoulou, S. Tzamtzis, M. Pappas (BETA CAE Systems GRE)

Realtime Simulation of High Fidelity Multibody Systems
R. Mansvelders (Dassault Systèmes Deutschland GmbH GER)

The Effect of HDR InfiniBand on CAE Simulations
O. Maor, G. Shainer (HPC Advisory Council, USA)

Predicting the Structural Consequences of a Wind Gust Crashing on an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) with Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis (FSI)
K. Marangi, M. Salim (University of Dundee GBR)

Yield Stress is Not Enough: Recent Innovations in Micromechanics for Nonlinear Analysis
L. Margetts, S. Hewitt (University of Manchester GBR) A. Shterenlikht (University of Bristol GBR) J. Arregui Mena (Oak Ridge National Laboratory USA) L. Evans (University of Swansea GBR) F. Levrero (University of Oxford GBR) P. Pankaj (University of Edinburgh GBR)

Active Structures in an Interactive Simulation Environment
D. Marinkovic, M. Zehn (TU Berlin GER)

Incremental Fatigue Analysis for Elastomer Applications
W. Mars, J. Suter (Endurica LLC USA)

Design Optimisation of Automotive Component Through Numerical Investigation for Additive Manufacturing
M. Marzuki (Sultan Azlan Shah Polytechnic MAS)

Simulation-driven Multiphysics Optimization of Electric Machines
D. Mavrudieva, P. Lombard (Altair FRA) G. Kalyan Mudigonda Kuravi (Altair USA)

Using Cloud HPC to Simulate MEMS Resonators
S. Mcclennan, A. Patel, G. Harvey, R. Banks (OnScale USA) A. Tweedie (OnScale GBR)

3D Beam Elements Abstracted from 3D Solid FE Models with Shear Correction
I. Mcluckie (AIES Ltd, GBR)

Combined Solid Modelling and Meshing to Create a New Standard for CAD and CAE
I. Mcluckie (AIES Ltd, GBR)

Tribology Solutions for Fluid Lubricated Sliding Bearings
I. Mcluckie (AIES Ltd, GBR)

An Optimization Workflow for Calibrating Reduced-Order Fastener Models to Multiaxial Data Sets
J. Mersch, J. Smith, G. Orient, P. Grimmer (Sandia National Laboratories USA)

FEM/BEM Methodologies Implementation as SIMCENTER Integrated Approaches to External Gear Pump Vibroacoustic Analysis
G. Miccoli (C.N.R. - IMAMOTER Institute, ITA) K. Hamiche (Siemens Industry Software NV, BEL)

Modeling of Helicopter Blades Using Gradient Deficient ANCF Beam Element (BEAM9)
A. Mohamed (Altair Engineering Inc., USA) U. Becker (Altair Engineering Inc., GER)

Safety Assessment and Uncertainty Quantification of Automated Driver Assistance Systems Using Stochastic Analysis Methods
T. Most, V. Bayer, R. Niemeier (Dynardo GmbH GER) P. Ubben, M. Rasch (Daimler AG GER)

Estimate of Material Parameter Uncertainties in Calibrated Simulation Models
T. Most, R. Kallmeyer, R. Niemeier, V. Bayer, R. Niemeier (Dynardo GmbH GER)

Micro-Meso 3D FE Damage Modelling of Woven CFRP Composite Under Quasi-static Bending
A. Mubashar (National University of Sciences and Technology PAK) I. Fiaz (National University of Engineering and Technology PAK)

MBS-Based Design of Dampers for Furniture Hinges
S. Müller, D. Rupp, P. Nachbaur (Blum AUT)

Design Automation and Optimization of Outer Body Panels by CAx-Processes
M. Mueller, I. Sokrut, S. Kolodzie (Ostfalia, University of Applied Sciences GER)

From Manufacturing to Performance Analysis for Composite Structures – Efficient Data Handling and Exchange
S. Müller (ESI Group GER) T. Bergmann (AUDI AG GER)

Virtual Design of 3D Woven Composites – Joint Research Between Industry and Academia
S. Müller (ESI Group GER) A. Collado, R. Said (ESI Group GBR) B. El Said, S. Hallett (University of Bristol GBR) L. Brown, A. Endruweit (University of Nottingham GBR) V. Koncherry, P. Potluri (University of Manchester GBR)

Efficient Cross Domain Knowledge Sharing to Deliver System Value
A. Munck (Digital Product Simulation, FRA)

Dеsign of an Еnеrgy-Harvеsting Shock Absorbеr with a Mеchanical Motion Rеctifiеr for Small Vеhiclеs
T. Mushiri, C. Mbohwa (University of Johannesburg RSA) T. Bvunzawabaya (na ZIM)

Application of FEM tor the Estimation of Effective Elastoplastic Properties of Shales with Kerogen Inclusions
A. Myasnikov, S. Ishbulatov, D. Sabitov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology RUS) A. Vershinin (Fidesys RUS)

Lattice Optimization and Process Simulation of a Turbine Blade
A. Narasimhan (Dassault Systemes, USA)

Adaptive Penalty Stiffness for Contact Problems
V. Narayanan (Siemens PLM USA)

Application of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Impact Welding Simulation
A. Nassiri (The Ohio State University USA) T. Abke (Honda R&D Americas, Inc. USA)

Will the Cloud Ever Work for HPC?
T. Newill (Oracle USA)

Launching the ANSYS Student Community Website
P. Newman (Carestream USA) P. Lethbridge (ANSYS USA)

A Simulation of Aerodynamics of a Agard-B Model Using RANS
V. Nguyen, D. Nguyen (Viettel R&D, Viettel Group VIE)

Simulation Management in Extended Enterprises Challenges with Regulations, IP Protection and Accessibility
M. Nicolich (ESTECO ITA)

Simulating Clutch Nonlinearity to Improve Transmission NVH Prediction
W. Nie, Y. Cheng, B. Juang, Y. Wei, F. Pan, J. Tseng (Ford Motor Company USA)

Mechanical Effects of Casting & 3D Printing Defects – Simulation and Validation
K. Nigge, J. Fieres, C. Reinhart (Volume Graphics GmbH GER)

Multidisciplinary Spotweld Optimization Using Optim Welds
R. Nimbalkar (BETA CAE Systems USA, Inc. USA) T. Jankowiak, V. Gandhi, J. Sims (0 0)

Simulation Management Segments: 4 Distinct Approaches to Managing Simulation Data, Processes & the Digital Thread
M. Norris (heSDMconsultancy, GBR)

Feasibility Study for a Next Generation SPDM Solution Based on an Open-source xDM Platform
M. Norris (theSDMconsultancy, GBR)

FEM Mesh Generation Using CAD Surface Shape Recognition Technique
K. Otani (Integral Technology Co., Ltd. JPN)

Computational Electromagnetics for Nuclear Fusion Engineering and Design
R. Otin, S. Aria, V. Thompson, R. Lobel, J. Willians, Z. Vizvary, D. Iglesias, M. Porton (UK Atomic Energy Authority GBR)

Some Aspects of Novel Kineto-static Theory of Fatigue
A. Oudovikine (TEDAX Inc. CAN) M. Yanishevsky (NRC CANADA CAN)

Get the Data Right for Effective Multidisciplinary SPDM – Making the Case for a Tool-Independent Unified Data Model
M. Panthaki (Aras, USA) M. Lind (Aras, 0)

Shape Optimization of a Shell Structure Restricted to a Complex Design Space
S. Paquin, Y. St-Amant (Université Laval CAN) D. Rancourt, A. Desrochers (Université de Sherbrooke CAN) M. Turcotte, F. Lambert (Centre de Technologies Avancées CAN)

Making the Case for Simulation Process & Data Management within the Oil & Gas Industry
J. Parady (Dassault Systemes, USA) A. Garza (Dassault Systemes SIMULIA, USA)

Derivation of Transfer Function to Relate Strain Data to Control Point Stresses for Fatigue Monitoring
K. Pasinlioglu (Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Inc. TUR)

Constitutive Modelling and Analysis of Automotive Side Door Closing Operation
A. Patil, A. Kimbrell, D. Strunk, B. Sayre (Honda R&D Americas USA)

Effects of Footing Roughness on Lateral Squeeze Under Combined Loading Conditions Using Numerical Methods
S. Patra (Buro Happold UK Ltd GBR) P. Scott (BuroHappold UK Ltd GBR)

Performance Assessment of Novel Building Technology Using Numerical Methods
I. Paulson, H. Landry (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) CAN) M. Douglas (Natural Resources Canada CAN)

AI Powered Product Development - Yes, We Can!
E. Payer (deepvirtuality GmbH AUT) N. N (VW et al GER)

Automated Model Build Process Through an SPDM System
B. Peddi, N. Kondrugunta (Siemens PLM Software USA) M. Lamping (Siemens PLM USA)

Robust Design Optimization on an I-3 Engine Balance Shaft with Many Stochastic Variables
F. Pedroso De Lima (Ford Motors Company GBR) Z. Xue (ESTECO USA)

Centrifugal Oil Pump System Examination of Refrigeration Reciprocating Compressor
M. Tada (Embraco BRA)

Should CAE Simulation Results be Stored in 2D or 3D?
A. Perifanis (BETA CAE Systems SA GRE) V. Pavlidis (BETA CAE Systems International AG SUI)

Harmonic Analysis in Power Transformers: Oil Influence
M. Pinto, C. Novais, S. Tavares, C. Coutinho, C. Linhares, H. Mendes (EFACEC POR)

Off-Road Industry Needs for Leading Innovation in Soil & Crop Systems
C. Plouffe (Deere & Company USA)

Transmission Gear Rattle of a Powertrain with Diesel Engine and Manual Transmission
G. Rao (Ford Motor Company GBR) G. Festag (Ford Motor Company USA)

Use of Numerical Simulations to Model Non-Conventional Metal Forming
X. Quan (ANSYS, Inc USA)

Simulation-driven Design with GPU Computing
B. Rajagopalan (NVIDIA USA)

Systems Modelling and Simulation of Hydraulic Test Rigs for Aircrfat Highlift Devices
M. S, N. Narayan, G. C (HCL Technologies IND)

Rotordynamics Analysis of Non-Axisymmetric Model Using Rotating Reference Frames
C. Rathod (Ansys CAN)

An Effective Approach to Eliminate Scrap Accumulation in Mass Stamping Production of Sheet Metals
R. Raveendra (ESI Group, USA) V. Dunga, R. Narainen, A. Camanho (ESI, USA)

Assessment of Low Probabilities of Failure by Extrapolation
J. Reijmers (Nevesbu NED)

Electric Drive Noise and Vibration Analysis
T. Reimer (Dassault Systemes SIMULIA GER)

Multidomain Co-simulation between Virtual Machines and Numerical Computing Software
V. Remillard, J. Montero (Famic Technologies Inc., CAN)

Manufacturing-Oriented Bead Patterns for Long Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Structures
S. Revfi, A. Albers (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) GER) M. Spadinger (Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology GER)

Prediction of Deuterium-Tritium Ice Layer Uniformity in Inertial Confinement Fusion Target Capsules
B. Rice (Rochester Institute of Technology USA) J. Ulreich, M. Shoup (University of Rochester USA)

Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment Using an MBSE System Model
R. Riedel, G. Jacobs, B. Menninger, T. Katzwinkel (RWTH Aachen University GER)

Evaluation of the Effect of Unconventional Material Cracking over Structural Residual Strength
I. Rivero Arevalo, A. Palomar Claudio, M. Lozano Hidalgo, J. Gomez-Escalonilla Martin (Airbus ESP)

Simulating Temperature and Humidity in a Powder Bed Fusion Facility to Help Control the Quality of Additively Manufactured Parts
A. Roberts, P. Ioannou (MTC GBR)

Modelling Flow of Optical Fibre through Extrusion Heads
J. Rodriguez, J. Reboul, J. Marti (Principia ESP) E. Torres (AITEX ESP)

Olefins Plant Optimization Using SFT Technology in Cracking Furnace
K. Romero, J. Sanchez (Universidad del Zulia VEN) D. Salerno (UNET VEN)

Model Creation and Pre-Processing in the Age of Isogeometric Analysis: The Latest Developments of the ANSA Pre-Processor in IGA Applications of LS-DYNA in the Automotive Industry
L. Rorris (BETA CAE Systems International AG SUI) A. Vafeidis, I. Chalkidis (BETA CAE Systems SA GRE)

Driving Success Using Predictive Analytics in Engineering Simulation
T. Rosenwinkel, L. Cole (Open iT, Inc. USA)

SPDM Solutions for Automotive CFD Applications
F. Ross, N. Kondragunta (Siemens PLM Software, USA)

Automating CAD To CAE Preprocessing for Parametric Optimization Iterations
G. Roth (Siemens PLM USA)

Why do my CAE Results not Correlate with Test Results?
G. Roth (Siemens PLM USA)

Enabling Collaborative Simulation Towards a Common Approach for Global Analysis on Smart Power Grids Combined with Cyberphysical Systems
T. Roudier (T-AirTech Inc CAN) C. Mugombozi (Hydro-Québec CAN) A. Kemmeugne (University of Toronto CAN)

Experimental Assessing of Models for Prediction of Mechanical Properties for Recycled Short Fiber Composites
M. Rouhi, M. Juntikka (RISE SICOMP AB SWE) J. Lindberg (RISE IVF AB SWE) M. Wysocki (RISE AB SWE)

Structural Design and Optimisation of a Lunar Rover Wheel
M. Roux (Centre de Technologies Avancées (CTA) CAN)

Simulating Airbag Deployment Using Lumped Kinetic Molecular Method
R. Roy, B. Grimes, J. Hurtado, V. Oancea, J. Konert (DS Simulia Corp. USA)

FEM-BEM Coupling for Non-linear Electromagnetic Field Computations T. Rüberg, L. Kielhorn, J. Zechner (TAILSIT AUT)

Optimization of Kinematics in Furniture Lift Systems
P. Nachbaur, D. Rupp, S. Müller (Julius Blum GmbH AUT)

Design of 5G mm-Wave Antennas for High End Mobile Phones
M. Rütschlin, R. Enjiu (Dassault Systèmes GER)

Motor and Gear NVH CAE Analysis for a Hybrid Transmission Development
M. Saadat, Z. Fu, B. Juang (Ford Motor Co. USA)

mm-Wave Antenna Array Modeling for ADAS Applications
L. Salman (ANSYS Canada Ltd CAN)

A Parametric Study of the Primary Atomization of a Simplex Nozzle
M. Sami (Ansys Inc USA) J. Ibrahim (Ansys Inc. USA)

Supporting Efficient External Super Element Based Data Recovery
S. Sandhu, H. Patel (MSC Software Corporation USA)

The Assessment of Simulation Credibility in Virtual Engineering Workflows: The Challenge of Uncertainty Quantification
F. Santandrea (RISE SWE)

Analysis of Downdraft Gasifier Parameters in a Implemented Equipment in the Central Zone of Ecuador
L. Orozco Cantos, D. Montenegro, S. López, E. Viteri (Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo ECU)

Automatic Detuning of Steam Turbine Rotor Blades’ Eigenfrequencies Away From Critical Areas
A. Saratov (DATADVANCE RUS) M. Stepanov, D. Kshesinskii (Ural Turbine Works RUS)

Building Problem-Oriented Apps With Next-feneration PIDO Platform
S. Morozov, A. Prokhorov (DATADVANCE RUS)

How AI will Change the Role of Simulation and the Simulation Processes
M. Schlenkrich (MSC Software, GER)

Model-Driven Digital Twins: Reducing Risks
C. Schmitke (Maplesoft CAN)

Towards an ICME Methodology - Current Activities in Europe
G. Schmitz (ACCESS e.V. GER)

Materials in an ICME Framework: From Composition and Processing to Properties and Applications
G. Schmitz (ACCESS e.V. GER)

Circuit Breakers for Future Power Grids: Development and Evaluation on High Dynamic Actuated Mechanisms
M. Schneider (ABB AG Corporate Research Germany GER)

An Approach for More Efficient Simulation of Stick-slip Effects
P. Schoenhuber, A. Walawalkar, J. Lekue, C. Schindler (RWTH Aachen University GER)

The Influence of Plasticity on Failure Prediction of Composite Materials
C. Schuecker (Kunststofftechnik Leoben AUT)

Predictive Maintenance Strategy Using Realtime Digital Twins
C. Schulz (Anhalt University of Applied Science GER) B. Kiess (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences GER)

Rotorcraft Fuselage Sizing Methods in the Open-Source Framework Pandora
D. Schwinn, M. Petsch, D. Kohlgrüber, J. Heubischl, P. Weiand, M. Buchwald (German Aerospace Center (DLR) GER)

Isogeometric Analysis for More Accurate Simulation
M. Sederberg (Coreform LLC USA)

Design and Analysis of a Battery Pack for a Light Weight Sports Car
W. Seeley, K. Illa (Siemens PLM Software USA) G. Damblanc (Siemens PLM Software FRA)

Fully Integrated Design Space Exploration for In-cylinder Simulation
W. Seeley, P. Niven (Siemens PLM Software USA) S. Fischer (Siemens PLM Software GER) R. Solsjo (Siemens PLM Software GBR)

A Computational Solution to Evaluate and Improve Wind Noise Generated by Sensors of Autonomous Vehicles Early in the Design Process S. Senthooran, M. Desouky, Z. Sugiyama (Dassault Systemes USA)

Two-Wheeler Fatigue and Random Response
M. Sethi, A. Sharma, S. Khare (Hero Moto Corp IND) N. Bishop (CAEfatigue Limited USA) H. Kolar (CAEfatigue Limited IND)

Using Common Vocabularies and Neutral Data Stores for MBSE Workflows that Connect Systems Engineering and Simulation
A. Shah (John Deere USA) R. Burkhart (0 USA) N. Joshi, D. Tole (0 IND)

Leveraging HPC for INDYCAR’S Predictive Aerodynamic Mapping Capability
M. Shaxted (Parallel Works Inc. USA) T. Belli (INDYCAR USA)

Shaping Engine Cylinder Head for a Uniform Contact Pressure Distribution
M. Shimozono (INTES Japan K.K. JPN)

Let Simulation do Design - Faster
M. Shimozono (INTES Japan K.K. JPN)

Multi-Physics Simulation Based Approach for Life Prediction of a Gas Turbine Combustor Liner
S. Shrivastava, P. Andradi, V. Carpenter, R. Masal, P. Nakod (ANSYS IND) S. Orsino (ANSYS USA)

Automated End-to-End Modeling Technique for Board-Level Thermal Analysis Using Siemens Simcenter 3D: A Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison Between a Full 3D and A 2D Multi-layer Shell Approach
Y. Sigmen (MayaHTT CAN)

Simulation of Pre-Gelation Deposition Manufacturing Processes of Polymer Matrix Composites
P. Silva, M. Lane, J. Mcroberts, A. Forghani, A. Poursartip (Convergent Manufacturing Technologies CAN) S. Hind, D. Djokic, M. Rahmat, A. Yousefpour (National Research Council CAN)

Simulation of the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process to Predict Part Distortion With ANSYS Additive
C. Simoneau (SimuTech Group CAN) F. Zongo, A. Timercan, A. Tahan, V. Brailovski (Ecole de technologie superieure CAN)

Modeling Thermal-Fluid-Structure Interaction for Leakage Prediction in Diesel Engine Fuel Pumps
V. Rao, J. Mutyal (ANSYS Software Pvt. Ltd. IND)

The Use of Optimization to Complement Simulation Expertise with a Small Team and Limited Resources
Y. Sirois (Lx Sim Inc CAN) J. Therien, M. Robitaille, G. Dutil (Lx Sim Inc. CAN)

Leveraging Simulation to Optimize Design for 3D Printing
S. Sithambaram (SOLIDWORKS Corp. USA)

Aerodynamic Analysis of Ventilation in Janggyeongpan-Jeon Using Finite Volume Approach on Adaptive Cartesian Mesh Structure
I. Sohn (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information KOR) M. Jung, K. Lee (Solution Lab KOR)

System Modelling for Engine and Nacelle Compartment Ventilation and Thermal Integration
Y. Sommerer (AIRBUS FRA) B. Michel (ALTRAN FRA)

Multi-Megawatts Wind Turbine Gearbox Contact Stress and Strength Analysis Y. Song (Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial Co. Ltd CHN)

2-Way Coupled FSI Simulation for Reciprocating Compressor Reed Valve

Coupling 1D and 3D CFD: Myth or Reality
V. Soumoy (Fluids & Co, CAN)

Simulation of Surface Damage and Body Breakage by Using DEM
M. Sousani, C. Bosch Padros (DEM Solutions GBR) A. Chagas (0 0) A. Saxena, Y. Yang (MEGlobal USA)

Agile Development by Using Knowledge from Simulation: Demands of RV Manufacturers
L. Sporleder, H. Enkler (Furtwangen University GER) J. Heimicke, M. Spadinger, A. Albers (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology GER)

A CFD Approach for Aerodynamic Drag Prediction of Passenger Car
U. Srivastava (Tata Technolgies Ltd IND) S. Sharma (Tata Technologies Ltd IND) K. Tare (Tata Motors IND)

Achieve High ROI by the Insight of Software Usage
S. Stenseth (Open iT, Inc. NOR)

Framework to Facilitate Textile Composite Modelling

Accurate 1D Model of Fuel System Pressure Relief Valve Under Special Operating Conditions
B. Stroia, M. Leathem, E. Norkin (Stanadyne LLC USA)

Full Transient CFD Analysis of a High Pressure Fuel Pump Control Valve with Multiple Degrees of Freedom including Validation with High Speed Photography
B. Stroia, M. Wegrzyniak (Stanadyne LLC, USA)

Hot-Spot Identification for Accelerated Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis
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Finite Element Modeling of Out-Of-Plane Compression of Corrugated Cardboard Structures: A Review
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Development of Automation Tool for Seat Analysis Using by Altair Software

Deep Learning for Geometry Understanding
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FE Solver Integration Framework
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Route Toward the “Additive Manufacturing Using Metal Pilot Line” (Manuela Project Ambition and Status)
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Modified Lumped Modelling Approach for Simulation of Electrical Components in Switchgears
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Payload Sudden Stop Analysis for Beluga XL
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Automated Design Compensation Functionality for Metallic Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation
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Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) for Earthmoving Equipment Design and Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges
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High Strain Rate Testing and Modeling of Thermoplastics
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Effective Shape Optimization of Filtration Device to Improve Filtration Efficiency Using MPS Particle Method Based CFD Software
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How Ecommerce has Disrupted Product and Shipment Packaging Systems
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Big Data Management for Additive Manufacturing Design Process of Compliant Composites Parts
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Dynamic Optimization: An Optimal Propulsion System for Electric Cars
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Determine Compliance Coefficients From a Finite Element Model for Calculating the Load Distribution of a Gear Stage
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Braiding Process Simulation: Comparison of Kinematic and Finite Element Models for Large Scale Components
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Virtual Testing for High Lift Systems - Script-Based Processes for Efficient and Traceable Model Creation and Execution
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Iterative Design Method for Plastically Stressed Shaft-Hub Connections with Optimized Contact Pressure
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Mould Compensation for Closed-box Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Wing Structure
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A Platform for Physical Product Behavior Trade-offs
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Measurements and Predictions of the Mechanical Performances and Design Topology Optimization of a 3D Printed Part (FFF) in Ketaspire® PEEK and Radel®PPSU
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FFT Solver for Local and Non-Local Damage in Heterogeneous Materials
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Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Ti-6Al-4V In Additive Manufacturing

Implementation and Validation of Torsional Spring Modeling Methodology in an Automotive Latch
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Driving Design and Validation of an Integrated Connector through Finite Element Analysis
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Reliability in Fatigue Using Various Probabilistic Approach

Optimized Motor Design Integrating Electro-Magnetic and Stress Simulation
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Application of Variable Order Spectral Element Method on Nonconformal Unstructured Meshes for an Engineering Analysis of Assemblies with Geometric Inaccuracies
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Application of CAE Fidesys for Rock Modeling at Different Scales
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Going From Collaboration + CAE to True Collaborative CAE: Cloud / Web and VR as Enabling Technologies
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Migrating from 2D FEA to 3D CFD for the Modeling of Ultra-Precision Flat Pads Aerostatic Bearings
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CFD to Analyse Clean Environments
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When is it Worth Using Design Exploration in Practice?
N. Wagner (INTES GmbH GER)

Weight Reduction Through Composites and Optimization
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Open Data Formats in Commercial FEA Software
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Identifying Buckling Modes: A New Solution to an Old Problem
K. Walker (MSC Software USA)

Enabling Rapid Electric Motor Design and Analysis
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Conjugated, Multiphase Heat Transfer Modeling of Hotfilled or Thermally Treated Beverages for Predicting Food Spoilage
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Simulation of the Stick-Slip Effect Observed in Hydraulic Sealing Systems Made of Polyurethanes
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Non-Differentiable Functions in Topology Optimization: Application to Additive Manufacturing
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Impact of Model Simplifications on Simulation Accuracy
G. Westwater, D. Lira (Emerson Automation Solutions USA)

Implementing Simulation Earlier in the Design Process
G. Westwater (Emerson Automation Solutions USA)

How to Tell the Difference Between a Model and a Digital Twin
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Experimental and Numerical Investigations into the Effects of Process Parameters on the Quality of Injection Overmoulded Thermoplastic Hybrid Composite Structures
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A Simulation Framework for Predicting Machine Damage due to Seismic Events
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Optimization Strategy for a Constrained High Dimensional Expensive Black-box Problem
Z. Xue (ESTECO North America USA)

Additive Manufacturing Process Chain Modelling and Simulation
A. Yaghi (MTC GBR) S. Afazov, M. Villa (0 0)

Introduction of General Purpose Nonlinear Multiscale Analysis System and its Applications

Simulation of Granular Flow Rate Through Grates in Semi-Autogenous Grinding Mills by Using DEM
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A Methodology for Finite Element Modeling Accounting for Case-Hardened Steel with Various Hardness Readings
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Thermal Effect on Headlamp Lighting Performance
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Predicting Baked Food Texture Blisters Through Modeling Approach
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Using FEA to Create Derivative Designs Through Successful Base Designs
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Latest Trends and Development in Advanced Contact Modeling
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Comprehensive Optimization Process to Deliver NVH and Weight Attributes for Automotive Underhood Components
K. Zouani (Ford Motor Company)