Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 15/09/21

The NAFEMS World Congress has now been moved online, and there will no longer be an in-person element to the event.
You can find answers to many of the questions you may have below. If you have a question that is not covered here, please email nwc21@nafems.org. If your enquiry relates to either an invoice or payment, please email accounts@nafems.org instead.


Why have you moved the Congress online?

We had been working towards a hybrid event with a base in Salzburg, Austria, feeding out to an online platform, but for several reasons, including increasing concern from a significant number of presenters and delegates, we have concluded that this will not be feasible.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has been on continuing our work in the safest and most effective way possible, in much the same way as we advocate the use of CAE. There is an appetite for an "in-person" event like the World Congress, and we have worked hard for the past year to achieve this.

This close to the Congress, however, with the prospect of still-changing travel restrictions, the rise of the delta variant, and differing vaccine uptake rates worldwide, we have decided that it would be irresponsible to attempt to coordinate a global in-person event under the circumstances. We could not, in good conscience, satisfy ourselves that delegate safety would be ensured, and for that reason, we could not continue down that path.

I have already registered to attend in person in Salzburg. What do I need to do now?

If you've paid to attend in person, either as a presenter or a delegate, we'll automatically refund the price difference between online and onsite attendance and re-issue a paid invoice for your records.

If you have not paid yet, we will cancel your existing invoice and re-issue a new one for the onsite amount, using the same details you have already registered with.

What about hotel and travel bookings?

You need to cancel any other bookings directly with your provider.

I'm a presenter, and I'd planned to present in Salzburg. What do I do now?

We'll be in touch with all presenters with further details, but all presentations will now be given online. You can choose whether you want to present live online or provide a pre-recorded presentation. The deadline for receiving the recording or your final PowerPoint slide deck has now been extended to September 30th 2021.


What can I expect from the online experience?

We're aiming to provide a conference experience that stays true to the NAFEMS World Congress. You'll find an extensive online exhibition area that you can browse at your leisure as an NWC avatar, 12 tracks of presentations and discussions, plenary sessions for keynote speakers, and training courses, discussion sessions, and networking panels.


Will I be able to see every presentation?

Recordings from every presentation will be available after the event to every attendee, sponsor, and presenter. So you can watch the live presentations you want to, safe in the knowledge that all others will be viewable later.


Discussion sessions and workshops are great in person - will these still happen online?

Absolutely! This will be one of the cornerstones of NWC21 and one of the most unique aspects of the online experience. There will be a range of interactive sessions and workshops available to bring everyone attending together.


What standard will the stream be?

We've invested heavily in a state-of-the-art production team. We are exploring ways to provide several different streaming options (low, medium, and high) that best match your connection speed. The stream will be among the best available.


What platform are you using for the online conference?

We've all had differing experiences with online conferences over the past 18 months. We will be using a series of reliable, robust and accessible solution for broadcasting presentations, feeding into our bespoke, custom-built World Congress online platform. With over 450 presentations, our aim is to ensure no outages and broad access to everyone.


The virtual exhibition: What is it?

We've built a virtual world that you can explore as your NWC avatar. All exhibitors will be available to speak to and browse through the exhibition stands, video chat with colleagues and exhibitors, attend product demos, and access additional content and information.


What time zone will the Congress run in?

Most of the content will take place during Central European Summer Time – you can check how that translates to your location here https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/austria/salzburg-state.

However, we are making every effort to keep global participation in mind when developing the agenda. For example, keynotes and discussion sessions will take place during business hours that are most widely accessible from several time zones.


What happens if I miss a presentation?

The recordings will be made available to attendees to enjoy in the weeks after the event, giving you access to over 400 presentations on demand.