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11th June2013


Optimisation of the Validation Process by the Coherence of the Analytical and the Test Justifications
J.Buffe (Thales Alenia Space, FRA)

CAE in Japan - Now and Then
K.Ohtomi (Toshiba, JAP)

Introducing NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer Competencies and NAFEMS General Meeting
T. Morris (NAFEMS, GBR)

4A: CFD 3 - Applications

Analysis of the Influence of Different Test Rig Setups on The Contact Temperature of Radial Lip Seals By Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation
S.Feldmeth, F. Bauer, W. Haas (University of Stuttgart, GER)

A Multiphysics Solver Framework and Simulation of Complex Fluid Dynamics
S.Schmidt, D. Niedziela, K. Steiner, J. Zausch (Fraunhofer ITWM, GER)

Dynamic Simulation ofFlight Test Maneuvers on the Diamond D-Jet
L.Van Bavel (Diamond Aircraft Industries, CAN); D. M. Holman, R. Brionnaud, M.García-Camprubí (Next Limit Technologies, ESP)

Advances in Cooling Electronics with CFD
D.Tatchell;  J. Parry, I. Clark (MentorGraphics, GBR)

Effect of In-Cylinder Fluid Flows and NOx Emissions with Central-Squish-Lip in the Piston-Bowl of DI Diesel Engine: A CFD Prediction
H.Reddy, S. Reddy (JNTUA College of Engineering, IND)

4B: Composites 2

Using the Virtual Composite Platform to Realize a Natural Laminar Flow Wing Upper Cover made from Composite Material
C.Hühne, E. Kappel, T. Bach, L. Heinrich, C. Ückert (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt, GER)

Use Digital Image Correlation to Obtain Material Model Parameters for Composites
H.Lobo, B. Croop (DatapointLabs, USA)

Advances in the Progressive Damage Analysis of Composites
C.Lequesne, M. Bruyneel, J. Delsemme, A. Goupil, P. Jetteur (LMS, A SiemensBusiness , BEL)

Micromechanics and Fatigue Life Simulation of Random Fiber Reinforced Composites
A. Jain, M. Hack (LMS, A Siemens Business, BEL), S.V. Lomav, Y.Abdin, I. Verpoest (KU Leuven, BEL), W. Van Paepegem (Ghent University, BEL)

A Methodology for Reliability Analysis of Composite Structures
V.M.Akula, D. Naehring (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

 4C: Methods 1

The Analysis of the Turbo-Propeller Aviation Engines Blades by Finite Element Method
V.P.Agapov (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, RUS)

Addressing Integration Challenges in the Design of Complex Aerospace Systems
S.I.Briceno, D.N. Mavris, O.J. Pinon, B. Laughlin (Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, USA)

Detailed Auto-Refinement of the Mesh of Structural Models for Small Deformation Analysis
E.Kastrinakis (BETA CAE Systems S.A., GRE)

Combining Mesh Refinement and XFEM for Fracture Mechanics Simulations: Contradiction or Strength?
C.Henrard, M. Bryneel, J.P. Delsemme (LMS, A Siemens Business, BEL)

4D: Systems Simulation 1

Complex Systems Integrative Engineering Applied to an Aircraft System
E.Thomas, M. Ravachol (Dassault Aviation, FRA); J. B. Quincy, M. Malmheden (Dassault Systèmes, FRA)

A Nearly Energy-Preserving Coupling Element for Holistic Weak-Coupled System Co-Simulations
M.Benedikt, D. Watzenig, J. Zehetner (Virtual Vehicle Research Center, AUT); A.Hofer (University of Technology Graz, AUT)

Architecture-Driven Design Study of Smart Helicopter Blades
S.Dutré, B. Colson, W. Dehandschutter, Y. Lemmens, V. Braibant (LMS, A Siemens Business, BEL)

System Simulation Based on FEA Behaviour Models
C.Gebhardt, N. Nagl (Cadfem, GER)

A Holistic Approach for the Automotive Power Net Development: Cross-Domain Analysis and Design with Co-Simulation and Model Library
W.Lu, J. Zehetner, D. Watzenig (Virtual Vehicle Research Center, AUT)

4E: V&V 2 - Dynamics

When Is Enough, Enough?- An Investigation of The Finite Element Simulation of a Simple Tensile Test
A.S.Duvall (AMEC, GBR)

Development of System Identification Technique for the Control of Structurally Flexible SMT Machines
I.Song, S. Lee, S. Nam, Y. Han, S. Yoon (Samsung Techwin, KOR)

Nonlinear Dynamic of a TLP for Wind Turbines - Verification of Calculated Results
F.Adam, C. Steinke, F. Dahlhaus (TU Bergakademie Freiburg, GER); J. Großmann (Gicon, GER)

Experimental Modal Analysis and Damage Assessment of Skewed Railway Plate Grider Bridge
J.W.Kim (University of Semyung , KOR); J. Yang (University of Inha, KOR); M. Lee(University of Chung-Ang, KOR)

Calibration of FieldData and Simulation as an Optimization Task with Signals
T.Most, R. Niemeier, R. Schlegel, J. Will (Dynardo, GER)

4F: Multiphysics 3

Interface-Jacobian based Co-Simulation
S.Sicklinger, R. Wüchner, K.U. Bletzinger (Technical University Munich, GER); V.Belsky, B. Engelmann (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA); H. Elmqvist, H. Olsson(Dassault Systèmes SITIA, SWE)

The Multiphysics(R) Evolution: Collaborative and (More) Realistic Simulation
A.Kürkchübasche, J. Haan, S. Mulmule, S. Subbarayulu, (Dassault Systèmes Simulia,USA)

Coupling Solvers forSolids, Fluids, Temperature and Electromagnetism in a Unified Simulation Environment
T.Münz, N. Karajan, D. Lorenz (DYNAmore, GER), I. Caldichoury, P. L'Eplattenier,F. Del Pin (LSTC, USA)

Co-Simulation under Hard-Real-Time Conditions
N.Thek, M. Benedikt, J. Zehetner (Virtual Vehicle Research Center, AUT); G.Stettinger (University of Klagenfurt, AUT)

Electromagnetic-ThermalCoupling and Workflow Automation via Script
J.Heydenreich (PhilonNet, GRE)

4G: Fatigue 2

Durability of Mufflerwith Dynamic and Heat Loading
S.Yoo, J. Park (Hyundai Motor Group, KOR)

Fatigue Life Design of WindTurbine Components for Total Life
G.Willmerding, J. Häckh (Steinbeis Transferzentrum, GER); W. Artner (Awotec, AUT)

Mould Stress and FatigueAnalysis with Injection Moulding Simulation
X.Jin, H. Zhang, J. Wang (Autodesk, USA)

Modelling for Measurementof Corrosion and Cracking
L.Wright, L. Crocker (National Physical Laboratory, GBR)

SPDM 4 - Aerospace

Engineering Value of Simulation Process and Data Management Applied to Aero-Engine Design
G.Harlin (Rolls-Royce, GBR)

Executing OptimizationProcesses in the Extended Enterprise
H.Wenzel (Dassault Systèmes, GER); R. Parchem (Rolls-Royce, GER)

Illustration of Comprehensive Behavioural Digital Aircraft Enablement through Use Cases
O.Tabaste (MSC Software, FRA); P. Arbez, S. Grihon, T. Laudan, M. Thomas (Airbus,FRA)

High Lift System Virtual Testing
T.Ulmer, J. Amin, P. Neuhaus (Airbus Operations, GER)

Aero Forming – AnIntroduction of Collaborative Engineering
J.Zhang, A. Gittens, A. Yuan (ESI Group, CHN/GER)

5A: PSE - Professional Simulation Engineer

How to Leverage the NAFEMS Educational Base for Effective CAE Competence Management
G.Borzi (EnginSoft, ITA) 

5B: Composites 3

Macroscale Modeling of Long-Fiber-Reinforced Composite Parts with Varying Material Properties for Robust Rib Optimization
D. Troll, M.P. Marston, A. Albers (Karlsruher Institute of Technology,  IPEK , GER)

Modeling Reinforced Plastics in System Level Simulations: Pedestrian Safety and Full Car Crash
J. Seyfarth, R. Assaker (e-Xstream Engineering, LUX), N. Ichinose (JSOL Corportation, JAP)

Design Optimization of a Composite Car Body
A. Mönicke, H. Katajisto ( Componeering Inc., FIN); J. Väisänen (Aalto University, FIN); H. Santamala (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, FIN) M. Perillo (EnginSoft S.p.a., ITA)

Finite Element Analysis of a Composite Catamaran
C. Lequesne, M. Bruyneel (LMS, A Siemens Business, BEL); R. VanVlodorp (Aerofleet, BEL)

5C: HPC 4

GPU Acceleration Benefits for Applied CAE
S. Posey (Nvidia, USA)

Real-Time Flow Computations using an Image Based Depth Sensor and GPU Acceleration
M. Mawson, G. Leaver, A. Revell (University of Manchester, GBR)

Better Performance for Simulations through use of High Speed RAM vs. Flash Memory
B. Galili, M. Schulman, S. Fultheim (ScaleMP, USA)

Tool-Supported Integration of Hardware Acceleration in Automotive CFD-Simulations
F. Ries, M. Ditze, A. Piater, E. Singer, V. Fäßler (TWT, GER); S. Dreßler (Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin, GER); T. Soddemann (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)

5D: Thermal 1

Liquid Metal Bearings for High Performance X-ray Tubes
M. Hainke, W. Schäff, W. Strob (Siemens AG Healthcare Sector, GER)

Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Heat Absorbers in Diamond Light Source
H. Huang, N. Hammond, J. Kay (Diamond Light Source, GBR)

Study of the Cooling Performance of Refrigerated Truck Containers made of Recycled Composite and Assessment of Different Air Distribution Configurations by Coupling of Thermal and CFD Analysis
J. Carreras, P. Sanchez (Atos, ESP), D. Dominquez, D. Lopez, J. Gonzalo (University of Leon, ESP)

Conjugate Heat Transfer in Hypersonic Flows
A.J. Meganathan, S.Zhang (ESI Group, USA), R. Bouwman (ESI Group, GER)

5E: V&V 3 - CFD

Validation of Experimental Results of a Realistic Natural Laminar Swept Wing through Advanced Stability Methods
D. de Rosa, R. Donelli (CIRA, ITA); D. Romano (Piaggio Aero Industries, ITA)

Computational Fluid Dynamics Validation Utilizing a Tracer Gas Study Related to a Mine Mill Area Toxic Gas Release for Emergency Response Planning
D. Hall, C. Strode, A. Korchevskiy, J. Rasmuson, R. Strode (Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, USA)

Calibration of CFD Simulations with 2C2D Particle Image Velocimetry on a Single Vane Rotary Vacuum Pump
M. Jankowiak, A. Gitt-Gehrke (Volkswagen, GER); G. Brenner (University of Technology Clausthal, GER); F. Klinge (University of Applied Sciences Ostfalia, GER)

Validation Methodology for Modern CAD-Embedded CFD Code: From Fundamental Tests to Industrial Benchmarks
A.V. Ivanov, T.V. Trebunskikh, V.V. Platonovich (Mentor Graphics, RUS)

5G: Fatigue 3

Development of a Solution Mapping Technique and Comparison with a Traditional Approach to Cracked Body Analysis
D. Duggan (Rolls-Royce, GBR)

Simulation of Complex 3D Non-Planar Crack Propagation using Robust Adaptive Re-Meshing and Radial Basis Functions
C. Timbrell, A. Maligno (ZentechInternational Limited, GBR), D. Stevens (BLOS International, GBR)

Compliance Calibration of an Adhesively Bonded ENF -Specimen using the Virtual Test Specimen
K. Dufva, T. Karttunen, M. Kemppinen (Mikkeli University of Applied Science, FIN); M. Wiesinger (University of Applied Science of Upper Austria, AUT)

SPDM 5 - Automotive

Three Years of SDM Deployment at PSA Peugeot Citroen
S. Castellani (PSA Peugeot Citroen, FRA)

Experience Report on the Application of a Process and Data Management System for CAE at AUDI
M. Thiele, T. Landschoff, H. Müllerschön (DYNAmore, GER); S. Brack, R. Luijkx (AUDI, GER)

A Smart SDM-Solution for Automotive Suppliers
G. Staub, A. Mahl (PDTec, GER)

6B: Composites 4

Finite Element Analysis of the Thermoforming Process of Thermoplastic Composite Parts
F. Pascon, M. Bruyneel (LMS, A Siemens Business, BEL); C. Brauner, M. Schulz, H. Hasselbruch (University of Bremen, GER); H. Krieger, T. Gries (University of Aachen, GER); K. Jalta (Ismans, FRA)

Designing Composites under 3-D Stresses: Lessons from The Second World-Wide Failure Exercise (WWFE-II) 
A. S. Kaddour (Qinetiq, GBR)

6C: Biomedicine

Simulation Method to Investigate the Bone-Screw Interface at Pedicle Screws in Vertebrae
A. Nolte, A. Volf, H. Pathak, C. Müller (Cadfem GmbH, GER)

Evaluation of Two Total Knee Replacement Designs under Physiological Loading Conditions using Explicit Finite Element Analysis
Y. Feng (Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics, CHN); C. Stoker, X. Liu (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

Parameter Identification for the Hyper-Elastic Material Modelling of Constitutive Behaviour of the Female Breast’s Soft Tissues Based on MRI Data, 3-D Surface Scanning and Finite Element Simulation
S. Raith, M. Eder, A.Volf, L. Kovacs (Research Group CAPS, GER);  J. Jalali (Technical University of Munich, GER)

Implementation of Reactive Human Kinematics in a Numerical Human Body Model using Controlled Beam Elements as Muscle Element Substitutes
A. Prüggler, P. Huber, T. Steidl, A. Rieser (Virtual Vehicle Research and Test Center, AUT); W. Sinz, S. Kirschbichler (Vehicle Safety Institute, AUT)

6D: Optimization 2 -Multi-Objective

Multiobjective Optimization with Open Source Software
M. Venturin, M. Margonari, S. Poles (EnginSoft SpA, ITA)

Analysis and Optimization of Robustness Relative to Manufacturing Tolerances of Circuit Breaker Components
C. Budde (ABB, GER); S. Kotalainen (ABB, SUI)

Enabling Design Optimization for Realistic Simulation
P. Koch, A. Van der Velden, D. Kokan, S. Devanathan, C. Yuan (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

Multi-Objective Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming using Ant Colony Algorithm
E. Royo, M.J. Oliveros, M.A. Bernad, F. Torres (University of Zaragoza, ESP); J.C. Cisneros (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, MEX)

6G: Fatigue 4 / Joints 1

New Developments for Improved Fatigue Prediction of Welded Joints
M. Hack (LMS, A Siemens Business, GER); B. Hagestedt (BPW Bergische Achsen, GER); T. Weyh (Fraunhofer ITWM, GER)

Compliance Calibration of an Adhesively Bonded ENF -Specimen using the Virtual Test Specimen
K. Dufva, T. Karttunen, M. Kemppinen (Mikkeli University of Applied Science, FIN); M. Wiesinger (University of Applied Science of Upper Austria, AUT)

Fatigue Life Estimation of a Welded Tubular Joint with Crack Growth and Hot Spot Stress Method
K. Pasinlioglu, M. Hassan (Turkish Aerospace Industries, TUR)

A Method to Find Suitable Internal Hub Geometries for Shaft-Hub-Connection Manufactured by Lateral Extrusion using FEM
M. Funk, F. Dörr, H. Binz, M. Liewald (University of Stuttgart, GER)

SPDM 6 - Solutions

Automotive Simulation Process Scenario Implemented in a Simulation Process, Data and Resources Environment
M. Pappas, M. Stampouli (BETA CAE Systems S.A., GRE)

SDM for System Simulation - Challenges and Solution Approaches for Process and Data Management
G. Staub ( PDTec, GER)

Collaborative Design Optimization with Simulation Workflow Management
P. Vercesi, M. Nicolich (Esteco, ITA), S. Picinich (Airworks, ITA), G. Cassio, C. Poloni (University of Trieste, ITA)

From a Stochastic Information Management to a Simulation-Data-Management Oriented “Lastinator”
B. Giptner, J. Panzer, T. Moshammer, M. Hengsberger (Siemens AG Österreich, AUT)