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12th June 2013


Replacing Test withSimulation in Highways Safety – The Tata Steel Journey
S.Sirman (Tata Steel Automotive, GBR)

Structural Optimizationin Early Development Phase at Volvo Cars
H.Hasselblad (Volvo, SWE)


50 Years of Stress
G.Steven (University of Sydney, AUS)

NAFEMS: Looking to the Future, Staying True to our Mission?
D. Quinn (NAFEMS, GBR)

7A: CFD 5 -Optimization/Post Processing

A Visualization Tool for Foam Research
D.Lipsa, R. Laramee (University of Swansea, GBR); S. Cox, T. Davies (Universityof Aberystwyth, GBR)

Conservative Interpolation of CFD Results by a Calibrated Finite Volume Method
A.Domaingo (Virtual Vehicle Research Center, AUT); R. A. Almbauer, B. Somogyi(University of Technology Graz, AUT); N. Peller, W. Puntigam (AUDI, GER); A.Lichtenberger, J. Hager (Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr, AUT)

Simulation and Optimization of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
H. Nordborg, R. Fuchs, S. Boller (University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, SUI)

Topology Optimization of a SCR Flue Gas Ductwork for Reduced Pressure Losses
M.Stephan, J. Iseler (FE-Design, GER); H. Zindler, F. Yang (E.ON, GER)

7B: CAD/CAE Integration 2

Parametric Surface Modelling for Rapid Shell Mesh Setup of Railway Vehicle Car-Bodies
C.Ecker,  T. Grausgruber, M. Seitzberger(Siemens AG Österreich, AUT)

Automating  Analyses Modelling through the use of Simulation Intent
D.Nolan, C. Tierney, C. Armstrong, T. Robinson (University of Belfast)

 Virtual Prototyping of Lightweight Designs made with Cold and Hot Formed Tailored Solutions
E.Billur, T. Altan (University of Ohio, USA); H. Porzner, D. Dooge (ESI Group,USA); Y. Vincent (ESI Group, FRA); M. Holeček (Mecas ESI, CZE)

Development of the Automation Tool Between CAD and CAE for the Flow Analysis
I.Song, S. Yoon (Samsung Techwin, KOR)

7C: Civil Engineering

Full Control of Structural Concrete Design by NLFEA
A.de Boer (Centre for Infrastructure, NED), C. van der Veen (University ofTechnology Delft, NED); C. Frissen, G.J. Schreppers (TNO Diana, NED)

Modelling the Influence of Compensation Grouting and Multiple Tunnel Construction using Advanced Finite Element Analysis
A.Mar, C. Eddie (Morgan Sindall Underground Professional Services, GBR)

Thermal Efficiency Analysis of Slotted Steel Studs in Double Leaf Partition Walls Using FEM and Experimental Tests
A.Arjunan, C.J. Wang, K. Yahiaoui (University of Wolverhampton. GBR); D. Mynors(University of Sussex, GBR); T. Morgan, M. English ( Hadley Industries PLC,GBR)

7D: Materials 3

Determining Local Material Properties via Inverse Parameter Identification of Instrumented Indentation Experiments
M.J. van Enkhuizen, C. Dresbach, S. Reh ( German Aerospace Center, GER)

Benefits of Integrated Materials Information Management in the CAE Process
T.Weninger, A. Fairfull (Granta Design Ltd., GER)

New Developments in a Database of Advanced Material Properties for CAE Use
V.Pocajt, D. Bosman (Key to Metals AG, SUI)

 Microstructure-Based Simulation of Multi-Phase High Strength Steel
W.Liu, F. Yu, H. Patel (MSC Software, USA)

7E: Joints 2  / Welding

Use of Hyperelastic Material Models to Simulate the Structural Response of Polyurethane Adhesive Joints
S.P.Sikora, M. Kögl (Daimler, GER); G. Meschut (University of Paderborn, GER); S.Kolling (TH Mittelhessen Gießen, GER)

 Improving Finite ElementBased Fatigue Life Prediction of Spot-Welds through an Adapted Spot-Weld Model and Modified Damage Parameter
S.Joseph, A. Schick (Adam Opel AG, GER); T. Wallmersperger (Technical University of Dresden, GER)

Efficient and Conforming-to-Standard Fatigue Assessment of Welded Structures using Unstructured Continuum Element Meshes
N.Friedl, W. Vonach, P. Loeffler (CAE Simulation & Solutions, AUT)

Development of an Efficient Numerical Model to Predict the Behaviour of Spot Welded Railway Vehicle Car Bodies 
M.San Sebastian, I. Setien, A. Echeverria (IK4 Lortek, ESP)

7F: Open Source

Open Source Simulation is Sharing Code, Ideas & Innovation
E.Payer, M. Pucher, K. Payer (evolution OSSP KG, AUT)

7G: Optimization 3 -Shape/Weight/Impact

Structural Lightweight Design by Innovative Optimization Strategies
M.Firl, M. Fischer (FEMopt Studios, GER); K.U. Bletzinger  (Technical University of Munich, GER)

Lightweight System Design through an Integral Consideration of Structural Optimization
M.Werner, F. Jurecka (FE-DESIGN GmbH, GER)

Applying Optimization Technology to Drive Design of a 100-meter Composite Wind Turbine Blade
U.Schramm (Altair Engineering, GER); W. Dias (Altair Engineering, USA)

Numerical Simulation of Ballistic Tests to Improve the Effect of Modern Armor in an Iterative Optimization Process
H.Rothe, D. M. Huber, A. Ramezani (University of the Federal Armed ForcesHamburg, Germany, GER)

 SPDM 7 - Solutions

 SimulationDB – Simulation Data Management System
P.Malinowski, J. Suchy (University of Science and Technology AGH, POL)

 Multi-Tiered Simulation Data & Process Management
R.Deragisch (Parker Aerospace, USA); R. Dreisbach (Boeing, USA); J. Haenisch(Jotne EPM Technology, NOR); J. Walsh, K. Peters (intrinSIM, USA)

 8A: Fluid-Structure Interaction 2

 Streamlining Aerodynamic CFD Analyses
M.Ratzel, T. Ludescher (Altair Engineering, USA)

Enhancements and Validation of FPM Fluid Structure Interaction Module Applied to Curtain Airbag Deployment
A.Tramecon ( ESI Group, FRA), J. Kuhnert (Fraunhofer ITWM, GER)

Establishment of Friction Coefficient of Mixed Lubricated Contacts by Means of the Finite Element Analysis
B. Lorentz,A. Albers (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, GER)

8B: Dynamics

CAE Simulation of a Non-Standard Engine Bench Test
R.Testi (Piaggio, ITA)

Dynamics of Rotors in Complex Structures
R.Helfrich, N. Wagner (Intes, GER)

Gyroscopic Effects on a Cantilever Rotor System – A Comparative Analysis
H.Al-Khazali, M. Askari (University of Kingston, GBR)

 8C: NVH/Acoustics

 Efficient Procedures for Handling Distributed Random Excitations in a Vibro-Acoustic Context
J.Coyette, B. Van den Nieuwenhof, G. Lielens (Free Field Technologies, BEL)

Hybrid Durability & NVH Analyses of Engines
E.Payer, A. Kainz,  K. Payer, H. Schaeffer(evolution OSSP KG, AUT)

Time Domain NVH Analysis Using the Explicit Code
K.Hwang, B. Kang (Hyundai Motor Group, KOR)

8D: Methods 2

One-Model One-Solver Methodology on Structural Analysis
C.N.Ahn, B.S. Kang, Y.D. Kim, M.G. Seo,  D.Y.Jang (Hyundai Motor Group; KOR)

Comparison of Modal and Non-Modal Model Reduction Approaches from a Mechanical Application Engineer’s Perspective
W.Witteveen (University of Applied Sciences Wels, AUT)

Overcoming the Traditional Obstacles in Simulation Driven Design
B.Yergey, F. Letailleur, S. Levine, K. D'Souza (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

8E: Joints 3 -Welding

Stress Analysis of Cylinder to Cylinder Intersections: A Review of Analytical and Finite Element Approaches
A.Bhattacharya (Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, GBR)

Finite Element Models for Spot Welds
M.Muscat, D. Sciberras (University of Malta, MLT)

Numerical Investigations of Friction-Stir Welding of High Temperature Materials
A.Elbanhawy, E. Chevallier, K. Domin (TWI, GBR)

8G: Optimization 4 -Multi-Disciplinary

Optimisation in a Multidisciplinary Environment – A Turbomachinery Application
K. Tzanidakis, V. Pachidis (Cranfield University, GBR); R. d ´Ippolito, M. D´Auria (Noesis Solutions, BEL)

Numerical  Simulation for the Design of Automotive Mulitmedia Systems
U. Lautenschlager (Continental Automotive GmbH, GER)

Simulation Based Method for Integrating Piezoelectric Vibration Control within Overall Engine Design Process
F. Heinecke, T. Wille (German Aerospace Center DLR, GER)

Awards and Closing Remarks
R. Dreisbach (Boeing, USA)