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A listing of the papers presented at the 2005 World Congress can be found below.




Krause, G

Krause Software GmbH

A Family of Welding Elements

Buche, Dirk

ABB Turbo Systems

A Finite Element Approach for Simulating the Quenching of Large Aluminium Compressor Wheels

Caverley, Stuart

University of Sheffield

A Multi-physics Simulation Approach to the Modelling and Design Optimisation of Embedded Electrical Machine for Gas Turbines

Palloni, Francesco


A New Tool for Multidisciplinary CAE Simulations

Dietz, Stefan

Intec GmbH

A New, Powerfull Subsystem Solver for Flexible Bodies in Multi-Body Systems

Reichl, Ch

Arsenal Research, Austrial Res. Centres

Aero-acoustic Comfort Characterisation of Ventilation Nozzles Using Transient and Steady Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations

Stanton, Ed


An Application of Stochastic Methods to Develop Hybrid Finite Element Models of Nanostructures

Barton, DC

University of Leeds

An Automated System for Structural Optimisation Based on Fatigue Life

Nusser, Peter

Berlin Heart AG

An Axial-Flow Bold Pump with Completely Magnetically-Suspended Impeller:  The Use of Experimental and Numerical Methods (CFD) in Low-Reynolds DS-Number Pump Flow for Designing the Pump, Numerical Results

Placidi, Filippo

Magneto Automotive

An Optimisation Procedure for Developing Multi-Performance Car Products+D107

Tatschl, Reinhard

AVL List

Analysis of Flame Propagation and Knock Onset for Full Load S1-Engine Combustion Optimisation - A Joint Numerical and Experimental Approach

Morris, A

Power Technology

Application of FE Analysis to the Ongoing Management of Main Steam Pipework Bore Cracking 

Takechi, H

ANAN National Coll

Artificial Intellegence for Query Inference in Finite Element Fact Database

Qian, Lihe

Toyohashi University of Tech.

Assessment of Crack Growth Behaviours of Practical Aluminium Alloys via Numerical Simulation

Sunnersjo, Stolt

Jonkoping University

Automatic Preparation of CAD-Generated Solid Geometry for FE-Meshing

Ruan, Jesse

Ford Motor Company

Biomechanical Analysis of Pelvic Response Using a Finite Element Model of Full Human Body

Roche, Charles

Pratt & Whitney

Buckling of Cylinders due to External Pressure

Muscat, Martin

University of Malta

Calculating Plastic Collapse Loads Using a Novel Work Criterion

Rilo, N F

University of Coimbra

CALFEM Program Role in Teachnig & Learning Finite Element Method in Structural Mechanics

Jiang, Wei

University of Wolverhampton

Comparison of Sequentially and Fully Coupled Generalised Plane Strain FE Modelling of Multipass Welding

Roche, Charles

Pratt & Whitney

Composites: Macro to Micro Modelling Issues

Heege, Andreas


Computation of Wind Turbine Drive Train Loads by Coupled Structural and Mechanism Analyais 

Coro, Armando

Industria de Turbopropulsores S.A

Concentrated Stress Evaluation Using Shell Element FEM

Miccoli, Guiseppi


Construction Machinery Cab Vibro-Acoustic Analysis and Optimisation

Berkemer, Joachim

Siemens Linear Motor Systems

Coupled Simulation of Machine Dynamics with Active Control by Use of Linear Finite Element Models

Degar, Yeser

Sultzer Innotec

Coupled Use of FEA and EMA for the Investigation of Dynamic Behaviour of an Injection Pump

Gaier, Christian

Technology Zentrum Steyr

Coupling Forming Simulation and Fatigue Life Prediction of Vehicle Components

Petrella, Tony


Creating a Concurrent Engineering Environment & Deploying FEA Product Development in the Medical Devices Industry

Hora, Zbynek

CTU Prague

Creep Analysis of NPP Pre-stressed Containment

Karanjkar, Atul

Fluent Europe

Developing a CFD Approach for Modelling Airflow and Particle Deposition in the Lung

Links, Dagmar


Development of a FEA Guideline for Vibration Analysis of  Fans+D59

Tiu, William

University of Hertfordshire

Development of an Impact Marking Software to Comply with EURONCAP Pedestrian Impact Protocol

Katz, Casimir


Enlargement of the Metro Station Marienplatz - A Complex Tunnel Project Beneth the City Hall of Munich



Enterprise-Wide Materials Data Management Ensures CAE Fidelity

Bush, Richard


Evaluating the Return on Your Investment (RoI)

Cooreman, Steven


Evaluation of Friction in the Tubehydroforming Process:  The Sliding Test

Beirow, Bernd

Brandenburg University of Technology

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of High Pressure Compressor Blades Vibration Behaviour Considering Mistuning

Ohlson, Nils-Gunnar

Alfa Laval

Failure Prediction in Rotating Bowls in Centrifugal Separators

Eichberger, Alex


Fatigue on a Virtual Test Rig Based on Mutli-body Simulation

Zhang, Xiaoling


Finite Element Analyses in Turbine Generator Rotor Integrity Assessment

Huang, Hou

Rutherford Appleton Labs

Finite Element Analysis for the Diamond Synchrotron Project in UK


University of Paisley

Finite Element Analysis of Bondline Effects on Multilayer Ultrasonic Transducers

Camilleri, Duncan

University of Strathclyde

Finite Element Analysis of Out-of-Plane Distortion in Plates Due to Double-sided Fillet-welded Attachments

Ragionieri, Simone


Finite Element Implementation of Advanced Failure Criteria for Composites

Kainz, Alexander

Johannes Kepler University

Finite Element Simulation of Skin-Pass and Temper Rolling Processes with Special Emphasis on Roughness Transfer


Fluent Europe

Fire Modelling Using CFD:  Smoke Management and the Improved Prediction of Visability

Meyer, Thomas

University of Bayreuth

Guidelines on Mesh-Generation for Dynamic Finite Element Analysis

Steven, Grant


Homogenization and Inverse Homogenization for 3D Composites of Complex Architecture

Johnson, Bob


How To Analyse Practical Problems:  An Overview of the Forthcoming Technical Publication

Oliveira, Andre


Implementation of FEA in the Minimum Weight Design Process of Aerostructures

Gramegna, Nicola


Integrated CAE Development of Innovative Gray Iron Heat Exchanger

Helfrish, Reinhard


Integrated Optimisation in Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis

Laramee, Robert

Res. Centre for Visual Reality & Visualisation

Interactive 3D Flow Visualisation Based on Textures and Geometric Primitives

Margetts, Lee

University of Manchester

Interactive Finite Element Analysis+D69

Rao, Prasada


Lessons from Premature Failure of Cross Arms in Transmission Line Towers During Prototype Testing

Middendorf, P

EADS Corp. Res Centre

Micro-mechanical Modelling Approach for Fibre Metal Laminates (FML)

Smilauer, Vit

CVUT in Prague

Microstructure-based Prediction of Elastic Properties in Cement Paste Using Cellular Automata Approach 

Song, Y

Romax Technology

Modelling and Analysis of a Modern Automatic Transmission Gearbox

Purcell, Christopher

Defence Research & Development Canada-Atlantic

Modelling and Optimisation of Acoustic Transducers

Jlidi, B

MTU Aero Engines

Modelling and Simulation of a Torque Tool Designed for Jet Engine Blade Notch Surface Wear Assessment

Werkle, Horst

University of Applied Science

Modelling of Connection of Shell and Beam Elements in Finite Element Analysis

Zehn, Manfred

Otto-Von-Guericke University

Modelling of manufacturing Induced Spatial Distributed Uncertainties of Light Weight Structures

Bose, K


Modelling of Progressive Damage and Failure: A General Framework

Soderberg, Anders

KTH Machine Design

Modelling of Strain Hardening and Strain Rate Hardening of Dual Phase Steels in FEA of Energy Absorbing Components 

Matela, R

The Open University

Modelling Volcanic Fire-Fountains

Wolf, Klaus

Fraunhofer Inst. For Algorithms & Sc Computing

MpCCI – Multidisciplinary Simulations Through Code Coupling

Schmidt, Stephan

Inst. For Internal Combustion & Thermodynamics

Novel Visualisation and Interaction Techniques for Gaining Insight into Fluid Dynamics in Internal Combustion Engines

Reijmers, Jack


Numerical Analysis of Plate Collapse

Spingler, G

Otto-Von-Guericke University

Numerical Modelling of Polymer Materials for Crash Application

Lewis, Mike

CD Adapco

Numerical Simulation Methods for Aeroacoustics with an Overview of Validated Industrial Test Cases

Horrigmoe, Geir


Numerical Simulation of Deterioration and Retrofitting of RC Structures

Krause, Gerhard

Krause Software GmbH

Numerical Simulation of Self-Ignition by Finite Elements

Trenker, M

Austrian Res. Centre

Numerical Simulation of Snow Entrainment with Application to Train Undercarriage Design

James, Phil

University of Plymouth

Numerical Simulations of the Shell Side Laminar Flow  in a Tubular Heat Exchanger

Trautwein, Thilo


Numerical Validation and Application of the Neuber-Formula in FEA Analysis

Souvent, G

University of Hertfordshire

NVH Considerations for Modelling Connectivities in Automotive Structures

McLuckie, Ian

Advanced Integrated Engineering Solutions

Objective, Faster Real World CAE Solutions

Mijuca, Dubravka

University of Belgrade

On the New Coupled Linear Static and Steady State Heat Approach Based on the Mixed Finite Element Approaches+D57

McMillan, Alison

Rolls Royce plc

Opportunities and Challenges in Structural Analysis of Components Made From Tomorrow’s Materials

Broos, Alexander

Institute of Production Science, University Karlsruhe

Parameter Optimisation in Combination With Finite Element Analysis and Multi-Body-Simulation:  One Way Towards Better Machine Tool Design

Komzsik, Louis


Performance, Performance, Performance

Wills, Guy


Practical Implementation of Best Practices for Analysis in a Design Environment

Mago, Nandor

New Zealand Heavy Eng.

Realistic Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Under Severe Fire Attack

Petrenko, Andrey


Seismic Analysis of Power Plant Turbine

Woolf, Darren


Simulating Radiation and Comfort within the Built Environment

Schikorra, Marco

University of Dortmund

Simulation of Aluminium-steel Composite Extrusion

Pirker, Stefan

Johannes Kepler University

Simulation of Cigarette Combustion

Ma, MT

AVL List GmbH

Simulation of Crankshaft Dynamics with Hydrodynamic Effect in Journal Bearings

Levesley, Ramli

Leeds University

Simulation of Evaluation of Passive and Semi-active Suspension of Quarter and Full Vehicle Ride Models

Vanderveen, Wolter


Simulation of Fluid Flow Initiated by Failure of Structural Parts Using an Explicit Coupled Euler/Lagrange Method



Smart Driver:  A Research Project for Closed Loop Vehicle Simulation in MSC.ADAMS

Leitheiser, Raymond

IBM Deutschland

Strategies of Generative Face Meshing of a Fender Connection With a Design Integrated FEA Program

Bartholomew, Peter


Structural Optimisation Within the Multidisciplinary Design Process

Heesom, M

Corus C&I

The Application of FE Modelling to Roll Design

Abbey, Tony

Noran Eng

The Effective Dynamic Analysis of a Whole Boat Model for Naval Vibration and Shock Analysis

Butlin, G


The Evolving Role of Geometry in Engineering Simulation

Wood, Jim

Strathclyde University

The Fenet Plate/Shell Fabrication Procedural Benchmark and "Round Robin" Exercise

De Boer, Ane

Ministry of Transport & Public Works

The Renewing Single Joint Design of Flyovers

Hol, Jan

TU Delft

The Use of High Fidelity Analysis for Reliable Buckling Load Calculations

Helfrish, Reinhard


To Improve Product Quality Thru Tolerance Design by FEA

Wallerstein, Dave


Unit Testing the Unknown (Connector Modeling)

Chietera, Lucia Micol

Altair Engineering

Using Advanced CAE Optimisation Tools to Reduce Weight and Improve Performances of a Steering Lever

Rypl, Daniel

Czek Technical Univ. in Prague

Using Recursive Subdivision for Triangulation of 3D Surfaces

Naderer, Ronald

Johannes Kepler University, Austria

Using the Finite Element Method to Develop Single Purpose Calculations

Schwer, Len


Verification and Validation in Computational Solid Mechanics and the ASME Standards Committee+D42

Lossack, Ralf

Virtuelles Fahrzeug mbH

Virtual Engineering or the Ceation of a Virtual Vehicle

Zuzelski, Joanne

Altair Engineering

Virtual Optimisation of Packaging Design for Packing, Shipping and Performance – Case Studies in Consumer Goods Applications

Tabaste, Olivier


Virtual product Development Applied to Automotive Brake Design

Ferrarotti, Gabriele


Virtual Product Development Techniques Applied to Interior Acoustics Optimisation

Dasgupta, Barun

Tata Cons.

Weight Optimisation of Bottle Using Finite Element Analysis - Reduction of Pototypes