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Wednesday 24th June - Presentations

Plenary Sessions

Johan Jergeus, Volvo Car Corporation, SWE

  • Keynote Speaker: Walter Schmidt, Stryker Orthopaedics, USA

Parallel Sessions - Morning Presentations

7A CFD 4 - Thermal

11:05 High-Fidelity Aerothermal Modelling for Aircraft Equipment Thermal Integration in Powerplant Compartment
Y. Sommerer, Q. H. Nguyen, S. Jeanmougin, O. Verseux (Airbus Operations, FRA)

11:25 A CFD Analysis of a Solid Target
Y. Ma, D. Jenkins, L. Jones (Science and Technology Facilities Council, (STFC) Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), GBR)

11:45 Flow Simulation and Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Plate Heat Exchanger
M. Kröger, W. Ottow (ESI Software, GER)

12:05 Thermal Design and Analysis for High Power Automotive Electronic Product
R. A. Pattnayak, L. Biswal (Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, IND)

12:25 Understanding of Air Flow Pattern and Heat Transfer Phenomena in a Domestic Tumble Dryer using CFD
V. Miranda, L. Urbiola (Mabe, MEX)

8A CFD 5 - V&V

13:50 Competing with a CAD Embedded CFD Software Against Traditional CFD Codes in a Blind JSAE Benchmark to Prove Result Accuracy
B. Marovic (Mentor Graphics, GER)

14:10 The Validation and Verification of an Open Source Fully-Coupled Navier-Stokes Solver
D. P. Combest (Engsys, USA); E. de Villiers (Engsys, GBR)

14:30 Fan Modeling Validation using CFD
S. O’Halloran, V. Kumar (Agco, USA); P. Hannukainen,P. Makkonen (Agco International, FIN); M. Krosser (Agco,GER); L. Meyer (Agco, FRA)

14:50 Developing Recommended Practice for the CFD Applications in Offshore Floater Design
J. Kim, H. Jang, J. Kyoung, A. Baquet, J. O‘Sullivan (Technip, USA)

15:10 The Impact of Mesh Quality and Mesh Adaptation on the Results of Numerical Solution of the Axial Fans
M. Majcher, S. Wrzesien, M. Frant (Military University of Technology, POL)

7B Materials

11:05 Porting a Complex User Material Model to Two State-of-the-Art Commercial Codes
G. S Kalsi (Atomic Weapons Establishment, GBR)

11:25 Practical Finite Element Modelling for Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnels
A. Mar (Underground Professional Services, GBR)

11:45 Effective Parameter Identification to Validate Numerical Simulation Models
S. Kunath, T. Most, R. Niemeier (Dynardo, GER)

12:05 Constitutive Modeling of Polyethelyne
N. Elabbasi, J. Bergstrom (Veryst Engineering, USA); O. Lever, E. Lever (Gas Technology Institute, USA)

8B Fracture & Fatigue 3

13:50 Investigation for Obtaining an Equivalent Test Spectrum of a Vertical Stabilizer with Crack Initiation and Fracture Mechanics Approaches
K. Pasinlioglu (Turkish Aerospace Industries, TUR)

14:10 Acoustic Fatigue of Thermoplastic Composite Welded Joints
N. Bijl (Fokker Aerostructures, NED)

14:30 How to Speed up Fatigue Life Evaluation by Integrating Fatigue Solution Inside FEA
H. Chang (MSC.Software, USA)

14:50 Dang-Van, Prismatic Hull and Findley Approaches for High Cycle Fatigue Assessment of Power train Components
G. De Morais, G. Teixeira, J. Draper (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, GBR); R. Silva, A. Rodrigues (ThyssenKrupp, BRA);A. Colombo, V. Wrubel (Agrale, BRA)

15:10 Application of Robust Design Techniques for the Calibration of Cohesive Models for Modeling Fracture of Aluminium 7475
F. Martín de la Escalera, Y. Essa (Aernnova, ESP); S. Zeballos, V. Acosta, M. A. Jimenez (Instituto Tecnológicode Aragón, ESP); R. Rodriguez (Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas, ESP)

7C Optimization 2

11:05 Use of Swarm Intelligence for Topology Optimization of Truss Structures with Stochastic Loading Conditions
M. Röber, M. Todtermuschke, E. Voigt (Fraunhofer Institut, GER)

11:25 The Optimization of Semi Medium Bus FMC RnH Performances using Analytical Target Cascading
K. C. Ko (Hyundai Motor, KOR)

11:45 Weld Fatigue Considerations in Structural Optimization
X. Yu (MSC.Software, USA)

12:05 Leveraging the Continuous Adjoint Method for Industrial Scale Application
G. K. Karpouzas, E. de Villiers (Engys, GBR);D. P. Combest (Engys, USA) 

8C Optimization 3

13:50 Nonlinear Topology Optimization for Vehicle Rear Seat Back frame Design
O. T. Kwon (Hyundai-dymos, KOR )

14:10 Flow Topology Optimization of a Turbo Charger’s Inflow Duct
J. Iseler, F. Huck, B. Butz(Dassault Systèmes Simulia, GER)

14:30 Seat Design for Crash in the Cloud
F. Koçer-Poyraz, (Altair HyperWorks, USA);E. A. Nelson (Altair Product Development, USA)

14:50 Automated Optimization Methodology Applied to Car External Aerodynamics for Aero-drag Reduction
M. Carello, A. Serra (Politecnico di Torino, ITA);M. D’Auria, R. d’Ippolito (Noesis Solutions, BEL)

7D Joints 1

11:05 Advances and Perspectives in Multi-Phase Meso-Scale Rupture Models for Weld Joints
P. Culière, A. Dumon, J. Ma (ESI Group, CHN); E. Higuchi(Honda R&D, JPN); M. Inoue (Nihon ESI, JPN)

11:25 Crash Simulation of Adhesively Bonded Structures
M. May (Fraunhofer EMI, GER)

11:45 Material Characterization and Modeling for the Simulation of Adhesive Joints with Polyurethane Adhesives
S. P. Sikora (German Aerospace Center, GER); G. Meschut (University of Paderborn, GER); S. Kolling (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, GER)

12:05 Bolted Connections in Composite Laminate Joints: A Comparison between Experimental Results, FE Analysis and Analytical Analysis
D. Veinbergs, R. Dalgarno, D. Robbins (Autodesk, USA)

8D Joints 2

13:50 Critical Problems of Bolted Joint Design for Gas Turbine Engine used in Civil Transport
H. N. Ganesha, A. Subramaniaan(Innovent Engineering Solutions, IND)

14:10 Simulation of Threaded Fasteners for Ultimate Load Conditions
K. S. Raghavan (Cyient Ltd., IND)

14:30 FEA Study of a High Strength Stud Failure
Y. Song (Sinowind Technology, CHN)

7E Preprocessing 1

11:05 Adapting FE-Meshes to Real, 3D Surface Detected Geometry Data to Improve FE-Simulation Results
S. Katona, M. Koch (Technical University Nuremberg, GER); T. C.Sprügel, S. Wartzack (University Erlangen-Nuremberg, GER)

11:25 CFD Meshing by Automatic Partitioning with the 3D Medial Object
J. H. Bucklow, R. M. Fairey (TranscenData Europe, GBR)

11:45 Advanced Meshing and Mesh Adaptation for Complex Flow Problems
S. Tendulkar, M. Beall, R. Nastasia (Simmetrix, USA);O. Sahni, S. Tran, M. Shephard (Scientific Computation Research Center, USA)

12:05 Fully Automatic Meshing: Automatic CAD Data Preparation for CAE
H. Steiner (Caelynx, USA); B. Kornberger (Geom, AUT); M. Schifko (Engineering Software Steyr, AUT)

12:25 New Tools for Image-Based Meshing and Simulation for Digital Rock Physics
R. Cotton, P. Tompsett, W. Smiga (Simpleware, GBR); K. Genc (Simpleware, USA)

8E Manufacturing 2

13:50 Virtual Manufacturing Versus Challenges in Lightweight Vehicle Programmes
R. Said (ESI Group, GBR); H. B. Nadendla (Brunel University London, GBR); D. Watson (Jaguar Land Rover, GBR); M. Mohamed (Imperial College London, GBR); D. Szegda (Impression Technologies, GBR); A. Endruweit (University of Nottingham, GBR); T. James (Formax, GBR)

14:10 HPC Simulation and Optimization of Material Forming Processes
J.-L. Chenot, E. Perchat, O. Jaouen, L. Ville (Transvalor, FRA)

14:30 From Design / Concept to Virtual Reality –Virtual Hot Forming Engineering Illustrated
J. Babeau, B. Dahmena, M. Holecek, M. Hoss, D. Lorenz, H. Porzner, Y. Vincent, M. Vrolijk (ESI Group, FRA); J.Friberg, C. Koroschetz, M. Skrikerud (AP&T, SWE)

14:50 Identification of Suitable Cycloid Hub Geometries for Shaft-Hub Connections Manufactured by Lateral Extrusion
M. Funk, F. Dörr, H. Binz, M. Liewald (University of Stuttgart, GER)

15:10 Design and Simulation of Starter Motor Casing using Multi Stage Metal Forming
G. Thampan, S. Bade, K. Srinivas, K. Chandar, A. S. Takalkar (Tube, IND)

7F Stochastics 3 - Uncertainty

11:05 Design of Advanced Gas Turbines using Stochastic Methods and Robust Design Principles
A. Karl, Z. Grey, G. Modgil (Rolls-Royce, USA)

11:25 Improvement of Pulling Phenomenon during the Braking of a Truck by a Robust Design Method
J.-M. Kim, Y.-K. Kim (Hyundai-Kia Motors, KOR)

11:45 Reliability Based Pressure Hull Design
J. Reijmers (Nevesbu, NED)

12:05 Robust Design Optimization and Operating Maps for Computational Fluid Dynamics
R. Niemeier, S. Kunath,T. Most, J. Will (Dynardo, GER); J. Einzinger (Ansys, GER)

12:25 Stochastic Analysis of a Containment Vessel Subject to Dynamic Loading
P. Evrard, G. Defaux (CEA, FRA)

8F Preprocessing 2

13:50 A Software-Based Accurate Analysis of Measurement Points for Identification and Optimization of Quadric and Nurbs Surfaces in Fluid Dynamics
S. Zietarski, S. Kachel, A. Kozakiewicz, A. Olejnik (Military University of Technology, POL)

14:10 Bridging the Gap from CT-Analysis to Predictive Finite Element Modeling
M. Büttner, S. Moser, M. May (Fraunhofer EMI, GER)

14:30 The Process Control of Design for Integration CAD/CAE System for Static and Dynamic Analysis of the Fanner
S. Kachel, A. Kozakiewicz, S. Wrzesien (Military University of Technology, POL)

7G Analysis Management

11:00 Discussion Session: ASME V&V 10 Restrictive View of Validation and Application to ISO 9001

The discussion session panel will include:C. Rogers (CREA Consultants, GBR) W. Oberkampf (W L Oberkampf Consulting, USA) J. Smith (Compusis, GBR) J.-F. Imbert (SIMconcept Consulting, FRA) R. Dreisbach (The Boeing Company, USA) Moderated by the NAFEMS AM Working Group

8G Methods 2

13:50 Developing a Method for Component Design in Vehicle Body Structure without Availability of the Complete Vehicle Data
X. Fang, F. Zhang (University of Siegen, GER)

14:10 Improvement of the Designing Method of Hybrid Interference Fits
M. Krautter, H. Binz (University of Stuttgart, GER)

14:30 CAD-Enhanced Contact Simulation
H. Harkness, D. Cojocaru, D. Reece (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

7H Methods 1

11:05 Fast Solutions for the FE Simulations of Thin-Walled Structures
D. Marinkovic, M. Zehn (TU Berlin, GER)

11:25 Error Driven Adaptive Meshing for Coupled Thermal Mechanical Simulation
M. Donley, M. Lamping, J. Cabello, V. Reddy, P. Patel, M.Otte (Siemens PLM Software, USA)

11:45 The Moving Force Problem Revisited
N. Wagner, R. Helfrich (Intes, GER)

Let’s Make Benchmarking More Virtual
U. Jankowski (Tecosim Venture, GER)

12:05 Numerical Algorithms for the Analysis of Propagation of Nonlinear Waves in Pre stressed Solids
V. Levin, A. Vershinin (Fidesys, RUS);K. Zingerman (Tver State University, RUS)

8H Dynamics 3

13:50 Determination of Seismic Accelerations at Nodal Points within a Finite Element Model
M. Spence, W. Price (National Nuclear Laboratory, GBR)

14:10 Efficient Normal Modes Analysis with Contact Conditions
B.-S. Liao, L. Hoffnung, L. Komzsik, J. Krieglstein (Siemens PLM Software, USA)

14:30 Modal Analysis of Slender Curved Beams Preloaded Through Clamping
R. Helfrich, N. Wagner (Intes, GER)

14:50 High Performance Frequency Response Solver
M. Belyi (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

15:10 New Possibilities for Durability & NVH Optimizations of Engines by Combining Parameterization & Nonlinear Dynamic FE Analyses
E. Payer, M. Pucher, A. Kainz, K. Payer(evolution OSSP GmbH, AUT)

7J Simulation & Systems Eng.

11:00 Discussion Session:Simulation & Systems Engineering: A Road map for Future Collaborations between NAFEMS and INCOSE 

8J CAD Geometry for Meshing

13:45 Workshop Session:CAD Geometry for Meshing– What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Moderated by J. H. Bucklow (TranscenData Europe Ltd, GBR)

7K SPDM – Democratising CAE with SPDM

11:00 Workshop: Practical Deployment of Expert-Developed Simulation Processes to Non-Experts:

Democratising CAE with SPDM
G. Valine (GKN Driveline, USA)

Making the Full Power of Simulation Available to Every one – At the Confluence of Solution-Specific WebApps, “Lights-Out” Automation, Design Optimization Tools, and “Infinite, Elastic Computing” on the Cloud
M. Panthaki, R. Sahu, J-C. Mahuet, T. Keer (Comet Solutions,USA); G. Steyer (American Axle Manufacturing,USA); M. Z.Eckblad (Intel, USA); S. Anandavally (Cosma International -Magna, USA); M. Tiller (Xogeny, USA)

Web-Based Engineering Analysis:Deployment and Collaborations
M. Tiller (Xogeny, USA)

8K SPDM – Deploying SPDM

13:45 Workshop: From Industrial Requirements to Deployed Solutions and Beyond 

Introduction to the Workshop, SPDM Challenges
M. Norris (the SDM consultancy, GBR)

Lessons Learnt from the Project to Democratise Simulation on an SPDM Platform
G. Valine (GKN Driveline, USA)

Lessons Learnt Deploying SPDM for High Lift System Testing
T. Ulmer (Airbus, GER)

Lessons Learnt Deploying SPDM at Embraer
R. Britto Maria (Embraer, BRA )

Wrap-Up & Farewell
Presented by Rodney Dreisbach: NAFEMS Council Member & Chairman of the NAFEMS Americas Steering Committee

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