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[MAYA HTT: Webinar] Lightweighting EV Platforms & Systems

[MAYA HTT: Webinar] Lightweighting EV Platforms & Systems

The new challenges currently facing the automotive industry far surpass those of the past 50 years. The EV revolution has ushered in exciting opportunities, but these come with significant practical challenges.

Automotive engineers need access to tools that will augment their development activities and guide them to better designs, faster. If you develop EV systems, you won't want to miss this webinar. We'll explore how to:

Develop lighter EV platforms and systems.
Avoid costly and unpredictable design iteration loops that cause project delays.
Enhance what your engineers can deliver, faster, through AI augmented techniques.

Learn how manufacturers such as Bristol Superlight are using RDM® techniques to identify efficient layout solutions to meet the challenges of EV body performance and safety.

Discover techniques and guidance you can use today to keep the total vehicle mass of EVs from escalating:

Use AI-driven techniques to develop lighter structures and achieve minimum-mass products.
Automatically identify the most efficient combination of component gauges to meet multiple EV body and component requirements, such as battery housings.
Develop panel reinforcing patterns to allow downgauging of materials, saving mass and cost.

Join us for insight into how you can gain the advantage in this highly competitive market.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance after the webinar.

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Event Type: Webinar
Date: 30 Nov 2021