Vehicle Noise & Vibration Simulation To Engineer Better Driving Experiences — Overview

Vehicle Noise & Vibration Simulation To Engineer Better Driving Experiences — Overview


A quieter and more comfortable ride experience, leading to improved customer satisfaction, is a crucial part of the driving experience. A quieter driver cabin enables clear conversations between driver and passengers, ensures better accuracy of infotainment voice commands and allows for more-satisfying music playback.
The first e-seminar in our three-part event series introduces the industry challenges vehicle manufacturers face and the benefits of the digital solutions Dassault Systèmes offers.

Join this webinar to:
- Get an overview of the available workflows helping to minimize the cabin noise and vibration while reducing cost and development time
- Learn how to improve the designers’ and engineers’ ability to innovate balancing design aesthetics with acoustic performance
- Explore solutions giving your team an improved learning experience for the design performance in each development stage
- Learn about our solutions — widely used by vehicle manufacturers to find and mitigate potential noise and vibration issues rapidly — to reduce risks of launch delay and to provide better designs
- Discover the benefits of integrating multidisciplinary simulation to identify and address noise and vibration issues to design better vehicles more efficiently

E-Seminar highlights:
- Visualize the key challenges in vehicle noise & vibration development
- Explore the benefits of numerous solutions for different sources & paths
- Learn how to reduce development risks and provide better designs

Who should attend:
- Engineering and Business Leaders in the Transportation & Mobility Industry
- Noise & Vibration Managers in the Transportation & Mobility Industry

Available in two sessions on August 18, 2020:
- AM Session: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (CEST)
- PM Session: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EDT)

More virtual events in this Noise & Vibration series:
- August 20, 2020 — E-Seminar: Designing Vehicles for Noise & Vibration (1h)
- August 25, 2020 — Virtual Workshop: Noise & Vibration Engineering Examples (2h)


Event Type: Webinar
Country: Global
Date: 18 Aug 2020