18th International Icing Course

18th International Icing Course


Simulation Methods (CbA) for the In-flight Icing
Certification of Aircraft, Rotorcraft and Jet Engines

The course will show how modern 3D icing codes are based on highly validated physical models (Scientific VVV) as opposed to simply calibration against icing tunnels. The course will also show how Reduced Order Models can make fully-3D calculations inexpensive and enable identification of aerodynamic and thermodynamic critical points in an automated structured way and not a heuristic one. By inclusion of icing requirements at the aerodynamic design stage, a more comprehensive exploration of the combined aerodynamics/icing envelopes, optimized ice protection system design, and focused/reduced wind tunnels, icing tunnels and flight tests. The end result is a faster design, faster testing, faster natural icing campaign and a safer product that is easier to certificate.

This course is structured to be of equal interest to aerodynamicists, icing, environmental systems and flight simulation engineers, regulators and Designated Engineering Representatives. Detailed knowledge of CFD is not necessary.

The lectures cover the major aspects of in-flight icing simulation, ice protection systems, handling quality issues. The instructors bring an amalgam of knowledge, as scientists who have produced codes in current use and engineers with certification experience, along with cost-effective simulation methods widely used internationally for certification of aircraft for flight into known icing.



Event Type: Course
City: Montreal
Country: Canada
Date: 26 May 2020