2015 AlaSim International Conference & Exposition

2015 AlaSim International Conference & Exposition

2015 AlaSim


Huntsville, USA

The 2015 AlaSim International Conference & Exposition brings together the greater modeling and simulation community from Alabama, North America, and the world. 

The conference is designed both to showcase the breadth and depth of simulation activity in Alabama and to collect, document, display and discuss the current state of simulation technology throughout the world. AlaSim allows a variety of formats for attendees and participants to see, be seen, hear, be heard, teach, and learn about the science and technology of simulation.

Elements planned for AlaSim 2015: Plenary speakers, papers, project briefings, panel discussions, workshops, tutorials, and exhibits displaying simulation products and services. AlaSim International is organized by the Alabama Modeling and Simulation Council.

Plenary speakers and industry experts will present project and program papers/briefings about simulation work planned and in-progress. Papers are of the high academic quality capable of surviving rigorous review.

Panel Discussions:
Opportunities for open discussion with simulation subject experts.

An open and collaborative environment for the definition and creation of modeling and simulation products. See instructor opportunities.

To provide introductory and advanced training in current simulation technology.

Exhibit Area:
Where industry exhibitors will be displaying their latest simulation products and capabilities.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Opportunities for sponsors to promote their products, message, and/or brand.

Who Should Attend:

AlaSim offers a variety of opportunities for practitioners, vendors, and academia to see, be seen, hear, be heard, teach, and learn about the science, technology, and business of modeling and simulation. Please see our call for participation here.

Date & Time:

May 5, 2015, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Classified Sessions
May 6-7, 2015, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM: General Sessions

Read more: www.almsc.org/alasim-international.shtml


Event Type: Conference
City: Huntsville, AL
Country: USA
Date: 5 May 2015